3 More Nepalese Die Fighting For Russia Against Ukraine: Government

As of now, 10 Nepalese have died in the Russia-Ukraine war.


 Nepal government on Tuesday said three more Nepalese nationals fighting in the Russia-Ukraine war have died, taking the number of such deaths to ten.

According to the Foreign Ministry sources, details are awaited about these Nepalese, who were fighting for the Russian side.

Apart from the three deaths confirmed in 2024, the Foreign Ministry confirmed the death of seven Nepali nationals fighting for Russia in mid-December.

Before that, it was claimed that four Nepalese nationals fighting on the Russian side were kept in captivity by the Ukrainian Army but no other details were available.

The government has estimated that more than 200 Nepalese who went to Russia on tourist and student visas have joined the Russian Army without permission of the Nepal government.

The Foreign Ministry has repeatedly reiterated its policy that no Nepali national is allowed to join any foreign army except those recruited in friendly countries like India under a traditional agreement.

The ministry has also maintained that it has requested the Russian government to send back the bodies of Nepalese soldiers who died in the war at the earliest and to provide due compensation to those injured and other victims of the war.

On December 26, Nepal’s Foreign Minister N P Saud said that around 100 Nepali nationals, who joined the Russian Army, have been reported missing. The Foreign Office had discussed the matter with the Russian ambassador in Nepal.

Saud had also said that there were at least four Nepalese Prisoners of War in Ukraine, and the government had contacted the Ukrainian government to release them.

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