Sini Shetty, the winner of Miss India 2022, will compete for India in today’s Miss World competition in Mumbai. After 28 years, the global beauty pageant is returning to India for its 71st edition, with competitors from 112 countries competing for the title of Miss World.

“My representation means the world to me. I am not representing myself I am representing 1.4 billion people and that’s a huge responsibility all together because you are representing Indian culture, diverse traditions that we have, the feelings and the emotions of each and every individual living in this country,” she told news agency ANI.

Since Sini Shetty’s family is from the southern state of Karnataka, she represented the region in the Femina Miss India 2022 competition. After earning a degree in accounting and finance,  Shetty began her career in marketing. The 22-year-old idol of beauty is currently pursuing a career in chartered financial analysis. 

In addition to being a skilled Bharatanatyam dancer, the winner of Miss India 2022 demonstrated this ability during her pageant performance. Shetty claims that actor Priyanka Chopra, a former Miss World 2000, has encouraged her on her mission.

“It’s being a journey because at the end of the day you are not representing yourself but you are representing an entire country, prep has been great we have been working on our communication skills, walking, talking, the way we present ourselves making sure that India values the tradition are represented at the best way because it’s not just representation at Miss World stage but Miss World has come to India. So, we need to give the best of India to the world,” shares Sini Shetty with IANS.

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