Baking the successful recipe of women empowerment

Success has no gender. And what better day to acknowledge that fact, than on International Women’s Day. Our boss-ladies of the world are building up empires and growing infinitely, so let’s support that cause for the greater good of society.
Cake Artist Mrs Bijal Doshi: An entrepreneur, and a lady with guts. She built up her empire from ground zero and now works towards greater success each day. Mrs Doshi has acquired a diploma in food-technology and followed to pursue an MBA in quality-analysis. As if that wasn’t already rather impressive, she has also completed her master’s in cake decoration from Dubai. She now successfully runs “The Bake Room”, located at Mulund west, Mumbai a bakery that is booming with customers today. The Bake Room opened on 8th April 2016 and has been a hit, since. Ranging from Chef special customized cakes to designer cakes, Mrs Doshi innovates every recipe to create the perfect blend of mouth-watering eye-candy. The Bake Room is especially known for its 24 layered “Heaven cake”, a massive unique cake, that tastes so good, that once you dig in, even 24 layers don’t feel enough! Such cakes and others like season special fresh-fruit cakes are loved by customers across cities! Even after receiving multiple certifications from international chef-artists, Mrs Doshi’s vision is clear: Providing quality cakes, cutting no corners, and delivering maximum satisfaction. All that, created most hygienically, with quality ingredients used and imported from all over the world.

The bake room became a public-favourite when Mrs Doshi set her first live-counter bakery in Mulund, she was so confident of her ways, that all customers were given the privilege of viewing their cakes in the making! Pure Veg, no additional sugar (except those derived from ingredients), and a variety of sugar-free cakes brought Mrs Doshi’s art to life, she wanted to make enjoying cake a guilt-free and pleasure-filled experience, without compromising on health, and so she did.
Women are making their stand, and Mrs Bijal Doshi is a great example of it. Take this opportunity and get featured on 6 digital platforms to share your success story, this Women’s day! Women all over the world are becoming more aware of their power and balanced capacity to build. They’re reclaiming their vital willpower, reclaiming their voices, and standing together to achieve the balance that’s sorely needed right now and you must be a part of this drive, to promote the rapid restoration of the essential feminine energies of creativity and imperative vision, where an empowered humanity nurtures life. Women are rekindling the urgent need for compassion, empathy, and unconditional love to be integrated into the production process. They are dreaming and inspiring a world for future generations that thrives through gentleness and wisdom as they enter heart-to-heart. Many indigenous cultures, surprisingly, had these balanced energies in their societies. Women were active in the creation and leadership of their organizations.




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