Sandeep N. Setty, a trusted financial advisor, adds value to business owners and ultra-high net worth families’ lives. He shares an e-book on “Financial Planning” to achieve economic independence.

August 20, 2020, India

Sandeep N. Setty, a top financial advisor and best LIC agent, helps businesses and high profile families to achieve economic independence. He educates and guides the business owners to improve their cash flow and not to fall for the accumulation trap. Recently, he has launched the e-book on Financial Planning. This book is 100% free and covers 21st Century’s personalized finance planning insight into every aspect of finances and helps in building wealth. The idea is to teach business owners and provide them with guaranteed financial results.

In the words of Sandeep N. Setty, a trusted financial advisor, “I work with families and business owners to help them make their future safe with reliable financial plans. These plans guarantee results as my views stand upon financial independence. The aim is to give continuity to the dreams of the people by helping them to get hands-on the right and best insurance products in the market. It will provide continuity to achieve their dreams too”.

He further added, “To prepare about future is to think about life insurance. I offer the products are especially based on the individual’s needs. I have dedicated my life to teach 10,000 hard-working and honest business owners to achieve economic independence within three to seven years. My notion is to help people acknowledge that retirement plans must not be built on accumulated wealth but right insurance products.”

Sandeep N. Setty provides unique financial services by using advanced tools to keep track of his clients. If he notices the slightest change in the income of his clients, he advises them with the right servicing policies. Personalized insurance services are his unique trait. Setty makes sure that these plans are in the best interest of the business owners. The expertise area he deals with includes estate planning, education, and retirement planning, Life Insurance, Business Insurance and Income protection.

According to his recent interview on, the personal finances for the entrepreneur are quite different as they are dependent on the longevity of the business. As they are the leaders, they must maintain a channel to have the regular cash flow. “Business owners must get their investments back at the earliest and at least keep 18% of their income into an insurance account. I teach advance financial strategies with tailor-made solutions so that my clients do not have to face market or insurance risks,” affirms Sandeep.

Sandeep is rated as the best financial advisor because he puts his full knowledge and expertise in his work. His e-book is also about getting economic independence without depending on the accumulated wealth. His vision is to guide the business owners and high net worth families to channelize their wealth according to their present and future needs.

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Sandeep N. Setty is an Indian-based top financial advisor and best LIC agent. He helps business owners to channelize their income into insurance. He provides knowledge of the right insurance products with personalized solutions. For more details, please visit

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