New Delhi: In the latest episode of Weekend Ka Vaar in Bigg Boss 15, Salman Khan had a serious talk with the contestants about their behaviour and aggression in the house. He called the contestants in the main house and grilled them about their performance in the last few days. 

He goes on to tell them that they are too aggressive and using physical force for no reason. Later, Ieshaan Sehgaal is also questioned for his relationship with Miesha Iyer and how they’re portraying it on the show.

Salman Khan asks them to be careful and reminds them that their actions are being telecasted on national television. He asks them “Yeh dikh kaisa raha hai?”.


Miesha is also criticised for her messy behaviour and not following the rules of the house. Salman also asks her to speak in English and not in Hindi. Miesha is also reprimanded for smoking in the bathroom even though there is a designated smoking room in the house.

Last but not the least, Salman confronts Afsana Khan for her comments on Shamita Shetty where she age-shamed her and compared her hands to a polio patient. The actor asks her if she did the right thing. 


He also confronted Afsana Khan for using a homophobic phrase against Vishal Kotian. Salman then tells her that if he had the power, he would evict her from the house stat. 

Afsana is also shunned by the housemates for wishing death upon people. However, in the end, Afsana promises to change her behaviour in the future.

Do you think Afsana Khan is the next contestant to get eliminated?

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