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Bigg Boss 15 written update: Rajiv Adatia schools Ieshaan Sehgal over his romance with Miesha Iyer

NEW DELHI: The day begins with Shamita and Vishal talking about Tejasswi Prakash. Vishal says he got angry when he saw Teja getting annoyed at him over petty issues. Shamita asks Vishal to clear things with Tejasswi. She tries to make Vishal understand that he only needs to stop talking about himself. However, Vishal said that Teja did not come and talk to him but chose to hold grudge against him.

The Bigg Boss house changes and the jungle theme is no longer there. Pratik and Simba cheer up seeing gym set at the garden area. Nishant, Tejasswi and Jay talk about Vishal and Pratik. Nishant tells them that Pratik is his best friend and he is also friends with them and Karan. They also speak about Umar and Ieshaan following Karan. 

Shamita questions housemates who ate her gluten free food. She keeps shouting and is irritated with Simba as he used her lactose-free curd. Ieshaan tells Misha that he didn’t see Shamita’s name on the curd and ate it. In the night, Akasa Singh and Karan Kundrra talk about Tejasswi. Karan expresses that he has a crush on Tejasswi but she has no feelings for him. 

The next day, Akasa notices that rations and all the fruits and masalas have been missing from the house. Vishal speaks to Tejasswi and tries to sort out their differences. The two hug and clear out their issues. Nishant and Pratik talk about wanting to have new people in the house. They also talk about Karan Kundrra’s game. Bigg Boss announces that there is no ration in the house as everyone has been lazy in the house. 

The garden area is filled with pumpkins and Bigg Boss announces that ration will come back to the house if they play the task. Housemates open the pumpkins in order to take out the ration when a new wild card entry Rajiv Adatia comes out of it. 

Shamita hugs him and tells everyone that Rajiv is her Rakhi brother. 

Ieshaan and Miesha talk about the new wild card entry when Ieshaan tells her that Rajiv is a close friend of him from London. He adds that he is upset that Rajiv has not spoken to him. When he tries to approach him, Rajiv says ‘we will talk later’. 

Rajiv tells Shamita that she should not trust Vishal as the latter had been talking against her at her back. Rajiv asks her to stop ‘Anna Akka’ thing immediately. When Shamita talks about it to Vishal, he denies it saying he didn’t say all those things against her. 

Miesha speaks to Rajiv about what he saw in episodes and he says that she would be scared of some things. He calls their relationship weak. Rajiv later reprimands Ieshaan about dating Miesha and says he has forgotton his intention in the Bigg Boss house. 

Later, they discuss again in the bathroom area when he says that he has been angry with him for his behaviour. 

Bigg Boss announces that Nishant’s tenure as captain has come to an end and its time for nomination. Rajiv is saved from nomination. Housemates nominates Simba, Akasa and Vishal. 

Ieshaan talks to Miesha that people are not happy about them and they are looking vulgar on the national television. He further tells her that he fells that she would not be happy with him in future. 

Later, Miesha talks to Rajiv about him being unhappy with her and Ieshaan’s relationship. He advises her to spend time with other housemates too and not just sit along with each other as couple. 

Karan and Tejasswi have discussion when he explains what kind of girl he is looking for him. Tejasswi says that she feels upset when she doesn’t see Karan around her. 

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