NEW DELHI: The Monday episode of Bigg Boss 15 witnesses another round of argument, strategies planninga and emotional showdowns. The day begins with housemates waking up to the ‘Aenwayi Aenwayi’ song. 

The buzzer plays and junglewaasis rushes to the cave to get the pieces of the pathway. Soon, everyone gets physical and at the end, junglewaasis succeed in geting the pieces with them. Tejasswi and Jay complained about Nishant and Vishal not making an effort to secure the pieces from the junglewaasis. 

Bigg Boss announces Shamita’s tenure as caption comes to an end. It further announces that only ‘Mukhya Gharwaale’ will be eligible contenders for the next round of captainship – Tejasswi, Akasa, Pratik, Nishant, Jay and Vishal. It asks them to discuss among themselves and choose contenders for the next captainship. Jay, Pratik and Nishant show eagerness to take part in the task. 

Bigg Boss announces the ‘Chariot’ task and Tejassi is made the ‘Sanchalak’ of the task. Pratik and Nishant team up again Jay and steals a part from Jay’s chariot. This makes Jay and Ieshaan both furious. They approach Tejasswi about it but she refuses to intervene saying she couldn’t do anything about it as she did not see it happening. He questions Pratik about it, saying he saw him roaming around his chariot. However, Pratik rubbishes the charges and says he didn’t do anything. 

A furious Jay then decides to teach Pratik a lesson and throws his task prop out. 

Pratik complains to Tejasswi about it and she takes his side. Jay and Tejasswi get into an  argument and she calls him a ‘sore loser’. He gets angry at her and asks her not to call him this again.

At the end of the task, Nishant Bhat becomes the new captain of the house. 

Late at night, the otherwise ‘cool’ and ‘cute’ guy Simba Nagpal is seen getting into a fight with Donal Bisht. On the other hand, Miesha and Ieshaan are seen getting cosy with each other.

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