NEW DELHI: Bigg Boss announces the commencement of ‘token task’ and says that housemates have got a final round to play. Simba and Akasa got first and perform the task. Pratik and Jay go next, however, the latter doesn’t let Pratik perform the task and holds him. Nishant, the Sanchalak, announces that he wants to give Pratik a fair chance and won’t stop the task until he gets to perform himself in the task. When Umar and Miesha object to this, Nishant asks them to stop Jay from ruining the task. 

Umar snatches Simba’s token

Simba and Umar get into a fight after the latter snatches his token papers. Akasa and Simba argue with him and accuse of cheating. In aggression, Umar damages the property, and asks Sanchalak to ban the task and disqualify all the secured housemates. Simba disrupts Umar and Afsana’s task and doesn’t let them make tokens. when Afsana retorts, he accuses her of lying in the name of her boyfriend Saajz. 

Nishant and Shamita have objection after the Sanchalak refuses to stop Pratik’s time. Nishant explains to Shamita that Jay is ruining everyone’s task. On the other hand, Shamita tells him that he is ruining the game for one person. Tejasswi too tells Nishant that Pratik is getting the taste of his own medicine as he has never played fair in the game. 

Nishant declares Umar and Afsana winner 

Sanchalak declares Afsana and Umar as winners and the two enter the main house. The task ends and Bigg Boss announces that the show prize money is now only Rs 25 lakh. Karan Kundrra discusses about Umar and Afsana’s strategy and hails them. Tejasswi advises Akasa that Nishant is doing his best for her. She says that Shamita doesn’t share a great rapport with Nishant. 

Ieshaan and Shamita get into an argument over the task. On the other hand, Afsana and Jay fight as people accuse the former of stealing Simba and Akasa’s tokens. The gas supply of junglewaasis is over and they are handed over an induction cooker. 

Nishant and Pratik discuss and the former advises him to change his strategy in the game. Vishal and Nishant discuss Jay and both say that Jay is playing a stupid game. Bigg Boss asks housemates if they were happy with Nishant’s management in the game. The Mukhya Gharwale – Shamita, Teja, Vishal, Karan, Umar and Afsana agree and Nishant is allowed to enter the main house and become their captain too. 

Simba and Jay discuss about Umar. Simba says that he will make sure to become an obstacle in Umar’s journey in Bigg Boss. Pratik tells Jay that he did not value the game or the task. Nishant cries in the main house kitchen. 

VishwasunTREE speaks to junglewaasis that they can secure entry inside the main house by sacrificing Rs 25 lakh from the prize money, or else they can leave the house. 

Tejasswi tells Jay Bhanushali that Vishal had been using dirty words. She says she has been feeling uncomfortable with it. Jay says that it could be because Vishal has been jealous of her bond with Karan Kundrra. Later, she feeds cookies and coffees to the whole house. Miesha says Akasa did not want to share her coffee. 

Teja says that she often finds subtle ways to tell him that she is uncomfortable with his behaviour but he continues to behave in an inappropriate manner.

Jay adds that he finds his language very demeaning towards women to which Tejasswi says, “in a dirty way for girls.” She adds, “vo chadh chadh ke mujhe hug karte hain. Main itni baar unhe push karti hun, mazak me karti hun bura na lage…I know aisa kuch intention nahi hai but that’s not humour.”

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