NEW DELHI: The episode on Tuesday, (Nov 7, 2023) of ‘Bigg Boss 17’ was filled with a lot of emotions. The day begins with Neil Bhatt and Aishwarya Sharma getting into another argument. Neil asks her to watch his tone while talking to him but she fails to understand. As the heated argument between them continues, Aishwarya says that she has decided not to cook food for anyone and she has not been getting support from him. She breaks into tears. 

Munawar Faruqui and Mannara Chopra talk about the nomination process. Mannara says that she has learnt not to respect anybody like her mother and aunties. She was referring to Rinku Dhawan. Mannara says they are jealous and insecure of me, they know I can cook so they are insecure. She cries and says what wrong did I say? Jigna and Rinku are playing games too. Munawar says words can make or break you.

Ankita talks about late actor Sushant Singh Rajout to Abhishek Kumar. She tells Abhishek that he looks very similar to Sushant but he was very calm. Ankita says he was very calm and hardworking and passionate but then he got blinded. She says, he used to get affected by people commenting on him on social media. He came from a small town so everything affected him. She gets emotional and says his journey wasn’t easy. 

Rinku apologises to Mannara for apologizing her.

Ankita Lokhande tells Isha Malviya that you show that you value relationships but you don’t value me. I have nothing against you. Isha says I also have nothing against you.

Abhishek tells Navid Sole that no one wants to nominate him. Mannara ignores Munawar and tells him that he will not talk to him for a week as Rinku and Jigna Vora don’t like our friendship. Munawar says this is stupid, he angrily leaves.

Samarth tells Abhishek that Isha still priorities him (Abhishek). He asks why is she still giving you rights to talk? Abhishek says he doesn’t want to get involve between them. Samarth says she verbally says she doesn’t want anything with you but then she doesn’t show it. He asks Abhishek if he thinks Isha crossed a limit of friendship and gave him hope? Abhishek and Samarth say that Isha has been playing a very bad game.

Arun Masheety, Sunny Arya (Tehelka) and Anurag Dhobal discuss late-night about damaging Bigg Boss properties. Anurag asks Sunny and Arun not to damage the property. Sunny throws cushion in the pool. Next morning, housemates woke up and found cushions in the pool.

Munawar questions Mannara about her statement that she would not talk to him due to Rinku and Jigna. Khanzadi enters the conversation and accuses Munawar of making two girls fight. She claims Munawar is insecure about Mannara and Khanzaadi. 

Neil, Aishwarya and Vicky try to clear uo their misunderstanding. Aishwarya says she is not on Vicky’s priority list. 

Anurag says Munawar is making Mannara and Khanzadi fight. Mannara expects an apology from Munawar. Munawar refuses to talk to Mannara. Jigna tells Munawar to nominate her and Rinku next week as she can’t keep consoling nominated contestants. 

Munawar asks Mannara if she wants him to apologize to her personally or in public. Latter asks him to apologize publically. Jigna and Mannara get into an argument and she questions the former journalist for accusing her of using cuss words. 

Mannara refuses to share food with Navid Sole, leaving him hurt. 

Arun and Sunny search for food in fridge and they steal paneer. 

Aishwarya mimics Ankita Lokhande and Neil enjoys seeing it. 

Ankita and Vicky get into an argument when the latter asks her to watch her tone. Both end up arguing with each other. 

Bigg Boss calls the housemates in the garden area and scolds them for not following the rules while distributing the rations. 

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