New Delhi: The latest episode of Bigg Boss 17 was Diwali Special and it was quite interesting. The Diwali special episode had many guests along with Katrina Kaif gracing the show to promote Tiger 3. The episode begins with Salman’s Tiger 3 co-star Katrina Kaif and Salman Khan’s greeting on the stage. 

Samarth Jurel, Isha Malviya and Abhishek Kumar fight with each other. 

Salman says he and Katrina were planning to enter the house to wish the contestants on Diwali but everyone was busy with fights. Salman confronts Khanzadi for her fake love for Abhishek Kumar. Salman asks her if it was fake or not. Khanzadi says Mannara claimed it was scripted. She argues with Salman over the topic after which the host loses his cool over her and asks her not to cross the line. Salman tells Khanzadi that she doesn’t care about Diwali and is ruining the festival not just for herself but for the entire housemates and even his.

Katrina intervenes and calms down Salman and asks him to continue the task. Khanzadi says Mannara called her ‘characterless’ but Salman decides to ignore her. 

Salman calls Sunny Arya aka Tehelka and Abhishek in the activity area and asks them to tell each other defects. While Abhishek wins the first round, Sunny wins the next. 

Bharti and her husand Harsh enter the house and entertain the housemates. 

Salman Khan welcomes Sunanda Sharma to the stage and sends her inside the house. She expresses her love for Munawar and he responds to her with his trademark ‘shayari’. 

Bharti and Harsh made contestants take part in a game and inmates are asked to vote for their competitor. Munawar, Jigna and Ankita win the task.

Abhishek tells Munawar that while he has started to like Khanzadi, he doesn’t see any future with her. Khanzadi says that Mannara cannot see her with Abhishek. Ankita tells Munawar and Isha that Khanzdi has set up a false narrative. 

Abhishek tells Vicky he would distance himself from Khanzadi. 

Aishwarya looked visibly upset as Neil tried to comfort her after what happened at Weekend Ka Vaar when Salman called her out for disrespecting her husband. Aishwarya told Neil that he shouldn’t come to persuade her as people would take it differently. She mentioned that she feels she’s losing her personality.

Neil asked Aishwarya if she was angry because of him and Aishwarya nodded and said yes. She says, I feel I’m losing my personality. Maybe people might find this fake. I feel like you’ve betrayed me. You’re too good to be with me and I think, I don’t deserve you honestly.” 

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