New Delhi: It’s a sunny morning in the Bigg Boss OTT 2 house and everyone dances their way to a new day. Pooja and Manisha engage in a morning ‘Chai Pe Charcha’ discussion regarding the nominations that took place yesterday, expressing their thoughts on the fairness or unfairness of Abhishek, the equation between Avinash and Falaq, as well as Bebika’s involvement in the nomination process.

Later Bebika can be seen teasing Manisha while getting cozy with Jad. Manisha has a perfect reply for everyone, says ‘Jiju hai tumhare.’

Jad says, ‘Jiya is Selfish’ when talking deeply of things that has happened in the BB OTT house over the period of time, Avinash agrees. Later, in a fun banter between Falaw-Avinash and Jiya -Jad, Falaq gets angry and says, ‘Limit mei reh’ to Jiya and Jad when they tease her and Avi as ‘Mr and Mrs Sachdeva.’

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Captaincy task begins, BB house is converted into BB school, a major fight breaks when Abhishek gets angry on Bebika and writes ‘Gadha Teacher’ on the board. This led to some major noise in the house.

Manisha who is assigned the task to teach Hindi gets 7 roses by the end of round 4, Bebika only gets 4. Pooja Bhatt is pulled out of the race to become the lead of the house by Avinash and Jad was taken down by Jiya.

Jad is hurt, says that ‘her actions do not match her words.’ Trouble begins in their paradise, what happens next, keep watching Bigg Boss OTT 2 to know.

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