New Delhi: The second season of Bigg Boss OTT has been entertaining fans with every passing day. The new interesting mix of contestants has made the show interesting to watch.  The latest episode of Bigg Boss kicks off with Jiya Shankar playfully standing in front of Falaq Naaz and Avinash Sachdeva, exchanging cheeky smiles. Avinash claims he’s just offering advice to Jiya for her task, denying calling her there, and Falaq supports him.

Jiya enters the kitchen, and Manisha Rani suggests she makes parathas for the housemates. Falaq calls Jiya’s name, but she refuses, leading to hilarious confusion as everyone pretends not to hear her, making Jiya furious. Jiya’s anger drives her to the lawn, where she screams in frustration, gathering everyone’s attention. Abhishek Malhan lightens the mood by chanting Hanuman Chalisa, bringing laughter to the scene.

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Manisha and Abhishek decide to add some fun element to the house ad she dresses up as a witch. Abhishek carries her around the house on his shoulder and leaves housemates in splits.

Elvish, Abhishek and Manisha share a playful chat, with Elvish expressing his desire to flirt with Falaq, and Abhishek joking about flirting with Aashika Bhatia.

Bigg Boss calls Avinash in the confession room and allocates him a secret task, where he along with Falaq and Jiya, can dethrone Elvish Yadav as dictator. 

The ‘secret’ tasks include: 

1. Avinash will sit on Elvish’s throne and say bad things about the ‘dictator’ for five minutes. 

2. Jiya has to make something for Elvish and feed him by her hands. 

3. Falak has to give head massage to Elvish while praising him. 

Avinash, Jiya and Falaq successfully perform the secret task. Bigg Boss announces that since Avinash performed the ‘secret task’ and hence Elvish Yadav cannot become a captain. Bigg Boss further announces that Avinash also had the power to remove three contestants from the race of captaincy and he removed Manisha Rani, Jiya Shankar and Aashika Bhatia. Elvish shakes hand with Avinash after the Bigg Boss announcement.  

Elvish offers Abhishek to change his bed and sleep with him. However, Jiya, who shares the bed with Abhishek, refuses and says she is comfortable sleeping only with Abhishek. Later, Manisha and Elvish talk about it and Aashika says that she will make sure that if Abhishek leaves the bed, she will sleep next to Jiya. 

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