New Delhi: The episode starts with an intense look at host Salman Khan as he was very upset over this week’s incidents. Starting from the kiss to Jad’s disrespectful action towards Bebika, it all unleashed tonight with Salman’s anger and disappointment.

In an intense Weekend ka Vaar episode of Bigg Boss OTT 2, Salman Khan unleashes his wrath upon Jad for his disrespectful behavior. The Bollywood superstar, known for his strict stance on cultural values, doesn’t hold back as he reprimands Jad, calling his actions “very cheap” for someone in a country known for its rich cultural heritage.

Caught off guard, Jad is left in tears, realizing the gravity of his action and the impact they have had on others. Salman’s class serves as a wake-up call, reminding everyone of the importance of respect and dignity. SK schools Avinash, Falaq and Cyrus as well for letting this non-sense happen in front of them, infact for provoking it.

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Bebika on the other hand gets an earful from Salman as well for speaking it between them. SK tells her to do better as her father is a well-respected man and will not be proud of the image she is creating for herself. 

Absu Rozik entered the BB OTT house today as well but things got out of hand. Later at night, he was seen comforting Jad, as he took full responsibility for what happened and apologised to Salman, his housemates, and the whole country.

Salman has also said that he is leaving the show now as he cannot host all of this, will he really? Don’t miss this dramatic moment on Bigg Boss OTT 2.

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