New Delhi: Three weeks into the house and just when the contestants were getting comfortable, Nia Sharma, the first wild card entry is here to pull the contestants out of their comfort zone.

Like every other morning, and as a routine it was all good, happy vibes in the Bigg Boss OTT house and people who were fighting the night before somehow came together and got all emotional the next morning.


Today’s morning started on a similar note, Raqesh Bapat and Shamita Shetty who got into an argument the day before were seen hugging each other and spending some quality time and on the other side, Neha and Pratik too were seen having some peaceful time with each other.

While contestants were all happy and doing their house chores, music started playing out of nowhere and housemates started dancing and grooving without a clue about the wild card entry.

And then entered Nia Sharma, all cheerful, excited, enthusiastic, it was a dhamal entry. As soon as she entered, all housemates had mixed feelings, they all seemed happy though and gave a warm welcome to the new contestant or rather a competition. 

The moment she was a part of the house, Bigg Boss announced her as the Boss Lady, and every contestant came under the pressure to impress her. Bigg Boss gave a task, wherein whichever two connections succeed in making Nia happy and win maximum gold coins from her will become the 2nd and 3rd contenders for the Boss Man and Lady as Moose and Nishant have already become the first contender, the duo just enjoyed the show while others were busy impressing Nia.

In the process of impressing Nia, housemates showed a different side of themselves. Nia was overwhelmed with the kind of performance she got to see. Nia asked Neha to give Pratik a sizzling hot massage while she watches them. 

Nia was all impressed by Neha. Neha sure did a great job in winning some gold coins. Moving on to Raqesh and Shamita, Nia asked Raqesh to speak his heart out, and as he did, it was nice to see and hear him, Nia was in aww of Raqesh. He also made a naagin tattoo for Nia. 

Akshara and Millind also did a good job by doing some impressions. Keeping all hard work aside, Neha Bhasin stole the show.

 The singer did mimicry of all the contestants in the house and she did a fab job. She literally made everyone laugh, she didn’t just tickle the funny bone, she fractured it with her over-the-top performance. 

Well, who will win the maximum number of gold coins? Well, only time will tell, till then stay tuned and stay connected. 


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