No place is safe. The alarming rise in theft, bank robbery and crime cases related to child abuse, kidnapping and many more incidents across the country have prompted the need of electronic, i.e., CCTV surveillance industry. To have everything around you under the watch of professional surveillance systems that provide protection ac-cording to your requirements is quite comforting. Offering customized solutions by adhering to a standard code of practice, is Black Cats Group that has carved a niche in the indus-try with its professional electronic security solutions.

Offering the Whole Spectrum 

The company has an upper hand in offering home and business CCTV surveillance system, fire alarms, and law enforcement products and is a top manufacturer of G PS vehicle tracker, alcohol breathe analyzers, and burglar alarms. Besides the aforementioned, Black Cats deals with various securi-ty cameras (thermal, analog, IP, speed & red light), explosion proof, number plate recognition, Bus & crane CCTV system, mobile monitoring camera, VIP convoy CCTV, metal detectors, signage system and home & entrance automation. These products resolve issues for diverse domains like resi-dential, transportation, police & mil-itary, campus, and commercial build-ings. We always look forward to offer customized solutions according to client requirements,” speaks Sriram, Founder & CEO, Black Cats Group. As an experienced player in the in-dustry, the company has immense knowledge on both existing and new products, which provides it an edge while crafting customized solutions that not only fit clients’ requirements, but also their budget.

The Distinguishing Factor

Black Cats’ network of manufac-turers & dealers enable it to source products from factory directly, thus enabling them to offer best of qual-ity that has longevity & sturdiness, and are cost effective. “The compet-itive pricing, quality in services, & products and installation that ensure zero tampering have distinguished us from others,” claims Sriram, The company also offers customers sup-port in surveillance with optical fiber networking, end-to-end CCTV com-munication systems, and signage, where employee support is availed to meet quality standard, apart from best after sales service with just an hour of downtime. No wonder, this has helped Black Cats to serve var-ious big shot food chains, Oil, Gas & Petroleum companies, Indian Air Force, jewellery showrooms, Chennai Metro Rail, and Tamil Nadu Police, among many more. What makes the company of-fer such precise CCTV solutions is its highly experienced survey team comprising of CAD engineer, chief installation enginner and risk assessment engineer. The team conducts security based site survey, risk as-sessment and management based site survey to conclude on the best fit solution for every client. “We will survey the site to check on the asssets that need survillance. We then create the layout and presentation to the client to finalize the kind of survillance requi-erd”, says Sriram. Post installation, the team sends a report to the near-est police station with client’s sig-nature on it. Black Cats’ team also creates a quality & after sales report post cross verifying the installed de-vices & system. Through its mobile monitoring provision, clients can keep a watch on the property from anywhere, anytime.

What makes Black Cats offer such precised CCTV solutions is its highly experienced survey team comprising of CAD engineer, chief installations enginner and risk assessment engineer 

Believing that staying parallel to the market trends and needs is the crux of success, the company sends its team to various manufacturers in China, Japan and Korea, which helps strengthen the team’s technical know-how. Walking on such ethics, the company wishes to reach a turn-over of Rs.25 crore by this fiscal year end, and has several new products and projects pipelined to boost its growth further.



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