The company assured that this was a temporary setback

Popular Indian fast-food chain Burger Singh recently faced a cyberattack on February 27 by a Pakistani hacking group named Team Insane PK. The company revealed on X that the hackers not only infiltrated but also revamped the burger franchise’s website, leaving behind a digital graffiti wall that echoed mischievous exploits.

“The backstory to this cyber saga? Well, it turns out, that a cheeky promo code we once thought was a good idea (“Fpak20,” ring any bells?)  landed better than we expected. In retrospect, offering discounts with geopolitical flair is a gift that keeps giving,” Burger Singh wrote in the post. 

Instead of quickly changing the digital graffiti, the company kept it for a day, treating it as an “open mic night for hackers”. 

Burger Singh believes this approach emphasizes the varied sources of inspiration that can result in distinctive ideas. The restaurant is confident in overcoming this momentary obstacle, ensuring customers that the digital disruption is only a temporary challenge.

“As for our feelings towards the hackers, let’s just say we’re not losing sleep over it. We’re too busy dreaming up the next big thing that’ll make Burger Singh more legendary than the GDP of some countries (no names mentioned, of course). Our focus? Moving forward, burgers in hand, always,” it added.

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The company assured that this was a temporary setback and expressed confidence in handling the situation. 

Burger Singh said that their digital hiccup is just a hiccup. “Keep calm and carry on. Our digital hiccup is just that – a hiccup. Our journey is filled with more ups than downs, more burgers than breaches, and certainly, more laughs than worries.”

A user commented on the post: “What a great response! Kudos”

Another user wrote, “One of the wittiest in days!! Kudos to the content strategist! Lovely guys… It’s fine, yeh bhi ho h gya, famous to the h, thodi validation bhi aa gyi.”

The third user wrote, “This reply had me in splits and made me think… Your burgers are more legendary than the GDP of the said country, so why not let them take a potshot at you… Maybe they will also get some insane team ideas about raising the GDP… As for the hunger, please really air-drop some burgers with extra sauce and mayo.. They need it.”

“I am excited now how Indian Hackers are gonna hit every website .pak,” the fourth user wrote.

“That is some reply excellent reply. Air drop some burgers,” the fifth user commented.


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