People wait patiently in queue.

The Indian city of dreams, Mumbai, is renowned for its energy. There is space for everyone in this city, despite the fact that every location is congested. It is a city whose hustle culture exalts its unwavering outlook even under the most dire circumstances.

A recent video of a long queue of people waiting patiently to hire an autorickshaw nicely captures the spirit of Mumbai.

A video of this moment was shared on Twitter by the handle @Madan_Chikna with a caption that reads, “The Auto Rickshaw queue in Dombivli during evening peak hours showcases people’s remarkable patience.”

Watch the video: 

The video has received nearly 1 million views from social media users.

The comments area of the video received a variety of responses from social media users.

“It’s the helplessness and lack of alternatives, and for whatever’s sake, don’t ever call it Mumbai Spirit. I live in Mumbai, and I don’t have a clue how people like to be cheek to cheek with stinking garbage, chocked roads, insufficient infrastructure, and too many cars,” commented a user.

“I seriously feel pity and am also surprised at the way people live there: 3-4 hours on the road per day; what would they earn and achieve? Sweating heavily, no quality of life, living in very small houses,” wrote another user.

“I lived in Mumbai for around three years, but I couldn’t withstand this mad rush. Somehow, after fighting my company for 3 months, I got transferred to Bangalore. I’m thankful to God, and I don’t complain about Bangalore traffic because I have seen worse in Mumbai,” commented a third user.

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