Creating awesome chemistry of cakes and happy place!

Indeed, cakes bring in all the sweet worldly pleasures. With so many tasty flavours to devour and innovative designs to look at, cakes can instantly lift your mood and cheer you up. For Neha, cakes have changed her life, sweetly and how.
The below excerpts talk in detail about her interesting life and her true love for cakes.

What inspired you to start the business?

It all started in my niece’s birthday party where there was a “Decorate your own Cupcake Counter.’’ I was so fascinated and loved the way decorating cupcakes was coming out. It seemed that coming from me felt all so natural to me. A foodie by birth and belonging to a Gujarati Family, my love for food is inherent and especially desserts. That one little stint inspired me to make cupcakes at home and that first rise of batter in the oven set the path to my career. That joy, I still remember, was unparalleled.

How did you manage to grow the business?

I started baking from home in my free time post work (I was in mechanical engineering business – my father’s start up, and was handling it post his sad demise) Baking was my escape from all the unwanted circumstances in my life at that time. Before I knew, my folks started placing orders with me. I was mostly self-taught but then I realised that it was getting pretty serious and important for me. So, then I got trained under International MasterChef’s. My family had always been a great support. Later, I got married and my family (both sides) pushed me to have a brick and mortar set up. That was the birth of Cakes N Chemistry – Café & Patisserie in Mulund West in 2017. When we started, we were one-of-a-kind cafés in Mulund with happening ambience, delicious food and best of the cakes. We soon became a favourite of food bloggers and started getting featured on Influencer’s platforms. To name a few – Curly Tales, Things to Do in Mumbai worked for Facebook and Instagram, Radio Mirchi Interviews, LBB and so on. This was all organic and was taking business to new heights.

cakes , Neha

Tell us in brief about your business – what services do you offer and who is your target audience?

We are into Manufacturing of Delicious, Mouth-watering & Vegetarian (Egg free) Cakes, Desserts, Confections, Healthy Bakes, Breads, Cookies, Tarts, Pies and so on. We are big time into Custom Cakes. Our portfolio – one can check on Instagram. We also do Customized Hampers for any Private or Corporate Events. We stick to one thumb Rule – Best quality ingredients always. Come what may. So, our cakes are of premium prices and you see, Quality comes at a price. My major clientele are HNI’s and Corporates. Of course, considering the business, it’s pretty hyperlocal so major customer base is in Mulund and Thane. Nonetheless, we deliver all across Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Thane.

Did you witness any changes/ challenges in your business pre and post covid scenario?

COVID and Lockdown has been challenging. Initially I really couldn’t take it. Being a workaholic It was difficult for me to sit at home and do the mundane chores (Without my dear maids) But this was also the time when it was reinstated to me as to how much my work means to me. I worked as a home baker for 1 month in May – Making 12-15 cakes a Day along with housework. But this very experience made me tougher. When we resumed our Bakery in June I was incredibly charged and literally used all the free time (we had loads due to lesser orders) to develop a new menu with extensive trials. This was the best part about Lockdown. We were sharpening our saws!

How do you envision the future of your business?

Lockdown has changed human behaviour. When it comes to Food Industry, people have gotten more Internet Savvy and ever more comfortable with ordering Online, even via Social Media platforms. The entire ‘No Touch’ proposition has in a way set a better and effective system for Order Management, saving more time. People are stepping out lesser, so lesser footfalls at the store but this has paved a way for Cloud Kitchen Model. That’s what we did too. We merged two premises of ours into one bigger Cloud Kitchen and take-away kiosk. Now is the time to strengthen the Business Model and make it fool proof of such economic slowdowns.


cakes , Neha

What do you think about women entrepreneurs and the common challenges faced by them? Being a woman in charge, did you face any such setbacks or were there any instances that ridiculed you?

I would say I have been extremely lucky on this front. Belonging to a business family, it was somewhat there in the blood but at the same time my both families have been extremely supportive. Yes, when it comes to staff, I have had a feeling that being a lady, they at times don’t take you seriously. But then you learn by your tough times and then grow to handle situations way better than past. Cakes and Baking is anyways a woman inclination industry. Women do connect better with this field and create everyday wonders. So, industry wise, acceptance wasn’t a challenge, and even if it was, I never felt one because I was always in my Happy Place – My Working Zone!




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