Dating Hacks For Introverts: Dont Shy Away Your Love Life, Use These 5 Tips To Get Back Out There This Summer

Any love relationship’s initial stages are all about getting to know one another better. Because introverts are typically quiet and at ease in their own company, it can be challenging to understand them at times. However, this does not preclude dating an introvert. An introvert prefers to be alone with their thoughts and requires time to consider how the outside world influences them. 

According to a recent survey by the popular dating app, Tinder, introverted users are 40% more likely than extroverts to say they are still figuring out their relationship goals. Introverts tend to take their time to get to know someone, both in friendships and in relationships. 

Overall, introverts are 15% more likely to seek friendships on online dating apps than extroverted users. According to Dr Chandni Tugnait, Life Coach & Relationship Expert partner with Tinder India, “Introverts usually take longer to open up and confide in new people in their lives and take longer to build relationships and bonds with others. In return, however, these relationships tend to be deeper and more stable.”

5 Dating Tips For Introverts

Here are a few signs to know if you are an introvert and what you can do to make your dating game stronger, happier and more active.

1. Don’t fake only to make someone like you. Be yourself at all times! Social media creates the idea that everyone should be constantly engaged and live the most colourful, “Instagrammable” lives possible. That isn’t always the case, though; you should always be loyal to who you are, and others will accept you for who you are.

2. Be explicit about your preferences. For instance, if your match suggests a formal event for your first date but you would actually feel much more at ease in a more laid-back situation, let them know right away and don’t hesitate to speak up for your wants. 

3. If you’re nervous about the conversation’s subject, consider asking the other person open-ended questions in advance, as opposed to yes/no requests. Finding out about your match, what information would you like? What has sparked your interest in them so far? Since most people enjoy talking about themselves, this will start a conversation. 

4. Aim to avoid last-minute date cancellations. This is referred as in psychology as “avoidance behaviour” unless there is a valid reason, and it merely serves to amplify your fears. It’s worthwhile to face your concerns, even if it requires work and requires you to step outside of your comfort zone. 

5. Gather and reflect on your experiences. Which dates, and why, did you feel happy on? What made the date appealing to you, and what ultimately made it so? Was it the setting, the action, or a particular subject that was discussed? How can you make the most of forthcoming dates with this knowledge?

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