Who Is Seo In Guk? They call him the actor who can emote with his eyes. The multi-hyphenate Seo In Guk is a versatile yet underrated talent For some, he is synonymous with the high schooler who ends up impersonating his brother in “High School King Of Savvy”, for the rest he is the endearing school student of “Reply 1997” dealing with his fan girl girlfriend. From the rom-com “Shopping King Louie” to the intensely bittersweet “The Smile Has Left Your Eyes”, Seo In Guk has not restricted himself to genres. He was the grim reaper in “Doom At Your Service” and the swindler with psychic powers in “Cafe Minamdang”.

For someone who gets under the skin of his character with inherent ease, is there a method to the madness? His answer is simple, one needs to find resonance with the character you play. “I need to personally relate to the character, if you don’t have that level of understanding you’re either not doing the job right or if you’re able to pull it off, then you’re an amazing actor. But, I need to emotionally connect so that I am convinced and in turn, can make it convincing for those who are watching it too.”

Death’s Game

In SLL’s latest fantasy horror  ‘Death’s Game’,  he plays a broke unemployed youth Choi Yi Jae, who is frustrated with life and decides to jump to his death. However, he ends up meeting the grim reaper( Park So Dam) who punishes him for abusing the privilege of life. She sentences him to 12 cycles of death in the bodies of different people, and if he can succeed in letting one of them live, he lives too.

The actor says, “I was a fan of the original webtoon, and when you watch the show you know that it has a very strong message, which hit me He however confessed that the show challenged him in more ways than one, he had to combat his fear of heights. “That was so painful, I got a panic attack of sorts.”

An actor and singer

Seo In Guk’s artistic range goes beyond acting. He is also a singer and songwriter. He has lent his voice to the OST of “Death’s Game singing “Though There’s No Miracle”. His discography includes OSTs, albums as well as singles. He released the single album “ Love and Love” in June 2022, marking his return to music after five years. This year he also returned to musical theatre with “Monte Cristo”. He confesses each of his artistic personalities influences the other.

“The vocal training that I do for my music helps a lot when I’m enunciating my lines in acting, and for the emotional portrayal as well, when I’m singing a particular lyric, there’s more light shone on them if there’s an acting aspect to it. So with each area of art…they create a lot of synergy”.

Visiting India

The consumption of Korean titles in India has seen a 400% in viewership, grateful for the love pouring in, he says he hopes to visit India someday.

Death’s Game Is Available On Prime Video

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