A group of 4 friends in Mumbai, successfully launch a plasma donation website
to promote Plasma Therapy as a treatment for COVID-19

The world has come together to find a vaccine for this deadly virus, which is continuing to
attack humanity with all its might. Currently, we have no sure shot remedy, however, many
doctors across the globe suggest that Plasma Therapy could help COVID-19 patients recoverfaster. On the 28th June, 2020, Chief Minister of Maharashtra, has urged COVID-19 warriors to come forward and donate their plasma.

Let us understand what is this “Plasma Therapy”?

This therapy has a simple premise. The blood of people who have recovered from COVID-19 contains antibodies. Antibodies are molecules that have learned to recognize and fight the pathogens, such as viruses, that have caused disease.Doctors then, separate the plasma, one of the blood components that contain such antibodies, and administer it to people whose bodies are currently fighting an infectious disease. This can help their immune systems reject the pathogen more efficiently.

How can you donate?

Mumbai based couple, Adv. Pooja Terwad & Mr. Arjun Chadha, have been actively helping the marginalized section of the society deal with the lockdown situation, by conducting continuous food donation drives. They sensed this challenge of plasma shortage and hence launched a website “www.plasmadonatekaro.life” on the 25th of June. Here, they allow donors and patients to register and then match the profiles based on their location. The donors can go to the hospital closest to their location and can donate the plasma directly to the recipient. They also request the recipient to make an arrangement for transport of the donor. If the recipient is not in a position to arrange for the transport due to financial difficulty, Pooja and Arjun, ensure that safe transport is provided.

How can you help?

Arjun says, “We are just normal people trying to make a difference in whatever little way we can. At this time, all we need is support from people and organizations, who will ensure that this website reaches every individual in need of the plasma. The more people share this, the more far we shall reach”. Further, Pooja adds, “We and our friends have been working hard to make this website user friendly. There are many other things we are doing in parallel to ease the worsening situation in Mumbai. To add to this, we would like to specify that there is no money exchange involved here. We do not charge anything from the recipient. It is pure work of charity.”

We believe the situation is such that, every citizen who is safe and sound, needs to contribute in whatever way they can. The world will have to come together to make this crisis bearable. The easiest thing we can all do, is help this initiative by promoting it to the best of our capacity.

We are proud that people like Pooja, Arjun along with their friends, Adv. Mitalee Jain & Adv.
Saurabh Pakale, have been diligently working to ease this situation. We wish them all the luck!


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