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Is it necessary to have Wonder Women are from another planet? Some can be from the small-big cities in India. They have the same fire, the same strength, and the same drive that a super-woman has. In this current era of gender equality, where majority of the women are not just homemakers but also entrepreneurs are building the evolving world. What would be better to acknowledge the “Naari Shakti” power on this women’s day. Women are changing the way world looked at them and the way they view the world.

Successful women get stronger from their falls and grow better from their flaws. Ms. Ashwini Sheth is a passionate Clinical Dietician and Nutritionist with a goal of reaching the maximum to bring a change in their life. She has done her Masters in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics under SNDT University, a certified Diabetes educator, yoga instructor and a pursuing certificate in acupuncture and naturopathy, kids’ nutrition. Her journey began from Seven Hills hospital where each day was different and challenging, but she took it as an opportunity and kept on bringing change in the life of her patients. Her joy was to see her patients getting better and better as well as getting discharged. Her greed to explore the field made her take the tough decision to build a system, a technology to reach maximum people.

‘Self-realization – The real mirror’ is a true statement. This led to a foundation named Healthytouch, which is an online and offline nutrition platform focusing on bringing change in the life of people. This platform provides nutrition care for weight loss, fat loss, weight management, heart ailments, diabetes, cancer, gut health, immune system, kid’s nutrition, women’s health and so on. Her major clients were corporate employees, who had a hectic schedule, stressful work environment and tiring home roles. Despite this, they saw changes in the choices they made, the food they chose, the way they lived their desires. Some lost drastic weight, while some made sure that they lived a diseased free life. Each day was a successful session for her.

In this current pandemic state, her whole setup came down crushingly as corporates stopped functioning immediately. The smooth running business came to a standstill. This was the lowest period of her life but the lady-boss in her was not going to stop due to this problem. She left no stone unturned in getting her groove back. She restarted her standstill journey by conducting online webinars for various corporate companies across India to help them deal with the situation and educate them on how they can boost their immunity during pandemic. As we all know things were getting pretty serious around, boosting the morale of the covid- 19 patients across the country and making sure they get the right nourishment was the only goal for her. She was fearless, oriented, and enthusiastic and focused on the goal to help people without thinking about what time of the day it is. In this crucial time, she reached out to approximately 3000 Covid-19 patients in pan India.

The saying, ‘A woman can make anything possible’ proved right in this situation. Making the best of this period was only possible with the support of her family and colleagues who trusted her and supported in achieving her motive. Evolving with the situation was the message she kept spreading in the world. To her clients, she always states, ‘what goes easily can come back easily’. So, focus on right way of losing than quick way of losing your weight. This period made people more health oriented and focused. Nutrition is not just about eating healthy foods; it is about eating right food in right quantity and at a right time.

The health of the women is crucial and important for a healthy and wealthy family. Filling your plate with nutrient-rich foods will help keep your body in top shape and reduce the risk of age-related health issues. Choosing your options wisely is the key to a healthy lifestyle. Quack nutritionist and underqualified nutritionists is not the right people to guide you through this crucial journey of life management. Remember to look for a qualified Dietician. For a better and healthier India, eat right and live right!





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