Generally, all men think what to do next and are in search on their field of interest where they would be passionate to work. For Dhaval Zaveri, being skillful and talented was a natural gift and to tame it in the right path was his choice which he did quite rightly. Not limiting himself to mere a 10-6 job, he expanded his horizon which started from food blogging and quickly became an eye candy for many instagramers which gave him a boost but again limiting himself to just one thing was not what he dreamt of.

From College days itself, Dhaval was passionate for photography but didn’t have any platform to publish his photos. From home-cooked meals and eating around the streets to restaurant and fine dines, exploring the different vegetarian cuisines was what inspired him to move ahead on Instagram.

Capturing various cuisines starting from mere mobile camera, the presentation and angle of photos he learnt to showcase these tempting food is what we would like to really appreciated on behalf of the community. With suggestions and experience, he also ventured into other streams and now blogs on various aspects of lifestyle, male grooming, fitness and sports along with food.

His journey till now is nothing less than a dream come true and though he is not a full-time influencer, he takes care of business and passion with ease. He is also part of NGOs and teach football to NGO kids while being an ardent player himself too.

His One motto which we love is that “Be Original and Be Yourself”

Approached by many people already on his Instagram, Dhaval Zaveri is patient and tries to help others in their work by suggestions and improvements. His dedication and consistency of work is what we would like to appreciate.






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