New Delhi: The Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) grilled a few top actors a few days back in relation to the WhatsApp drug chats which surfaced and left everyone shocked. The federal agency is probing the drug angle in Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s death case. Zee News has exclusively found out the inside details of how NCB interrogated Deepika Padukone. 

As soon as Deepika entered the guest house, female NCB officer checked her to see if the actress was carrying any secret device. She was checked whether there is any other mobile phone with her. Her own mobile phone was taken into custody before her questioning began. 

Soon after 10-15 minutes of her arrival, Deepika Padukone was taken to the 2nd floor of NCB guest house in Mumbai for interrogation.

First, the officials had an informal conversation with the actress. It was done in order to make Deepika Padukone comfortable and lighten the stress level, if any. 

Deepika Padukone was shocked

During the informal conversation, questions like ‘Tell us something about yourself’, like name etc left the actress surprised. Why? Well, because she already is a very big Bollywood star.

According to sources, after the informal conversation, usually two types of questions – fixed and situation-based – are asked from the accused. 

Deepika was asked questions related to her 2017 WhatsApp drugs chat, which NCB had prepared beforehand. When Deepika started answering the questions of the investigator, the NCB was already aware of her answers. Like she would say that she has not taken drugs. Then more questions were asked about it. The same questions are twisted in different ways and asked repeatedly so that the accused get confused while answering. But Deepika did not get confused at all. 

First que: Deepika was first asked by NCB that you had written in the drugs chat of 2017 about ‘Maal Hai Kya’? 

Deepika: Yes I had asked ‘Maal Hai Kya’. But it is not that maal what you are thinking. We call cigarettes as ‘maal’. It is our code word for it.

Second que: Then what is Hash? This was also a part of your chat.

Deepika: Yes, we call cigarettes as ‘maal’. Hash and weed are a type of cigarettes. That means cigarettes of different brands.

Third que: How can Hash and Weed be cigarettes of different brands?

Deepika: We call thin cigarettes as hash and thicker ones are called weed. We smoke cigarettes, but we don’t do drugs.

To justify the code words, Deepika revealed that in the film industry, we use a lot of code words during our interactions for several things. She told many such code words are used, out of many these two are special – one is paneer (cheese) and the other quickie and marriage.

She disclosed we use paneer for those people who are very skinny. And quickie and marriage is used for long and short relationships. Quickie means a short-lived relationship. Marriage means a long-lasting relationship. 

In her interrogation, Deepika said that doobs are also cigarettes.

Deepika Padukone’s manager Karishma Prakash also gave the same statement for ‘maal’ and ‘hash’. To further dig out the truth, the NCB officials gave Karishma a paper and pen and placed two cigarettes in front of her. One was thick and the other thin. Then Karishma was asked to write the names of these two cigarettes.

Karishma then wrote hash for thin cigarettes and weed for thicker ones. This indicated that both had come prepared for the NCB’s inquiry. However, it has been learnt that the NCB is not fully satisfied with their answers and is getting more solid evidence. If needed, they will be called again for the probe in the drugs case. 

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