New Delhi: Bigg Boss 15’s first runner-up Pratik Sehajpal might have failed in lifting the trophy but has surely won millions of hearts. Although, Tejasswi Prakash was declared the winner but Pratik’s fam has declared him their true winner. 


From the time he entered the house, Pratik has been garnering a lot of appreciation for his passion and love for the game. But when he couldn’t win the trophy, the social media seemed extremely disappointed as everyone including the celebrities to commoners wanted him as the winner of the season. 

While his fans are still not ready to accept his defeat, we got our chance to exclusively talk to him. While talking to Zee News Digital, Pratik spilled the beans on his journey in Bigg Boss 15, PraNiSha and his future plans.  

You might have failed in winning the trophy but you won millions of hearts, what do you want to say about that?

It feels amazing. I feel I have won the show. Each and every moment which I have spent on the show is extremely worth it. I have worked really hard for it and will also include my mother, sister and complete Pratikfam into it. Maybe that trophy is with someone else right now but it’s in my heart and will stay there forever. 

When you were declared as one of the top two, what came to your mind?


When Salman Bhai asked me to sit beside my family, I closed my eyes as I couldn’t understand what exactly happened with me, and my mom started consoling me saying me that you are the true winner for us and then suddenly I heard people cheering for me and then I saw Salman Bhai bringing Tejasswi this side and he called me and then I couldn’t hold back my tears and started crying and that was the most emotional moment for me. 

From Bigg Boss OTT to Bigg Boss 15 – you upped your game. How did you bring such a drastic change?

Honestly, it all happened naturally, I did exactly what I felt and then gave me such a great response and so I continued it. In the first week when Salman Bhai explained things, I thought about it and then I realized that I am here to make my mother and everyone proud and so it happened naturally. 

Not only your fans but celebs like Gauahar Khan, Kamya Punjabi and Bipasha Basu also came out in your support. How does it feel?

When such prominent people who worked really hard in their field stood for me, I felt really great and I am extremely thankful to each one of them. I also thanked God for everything and I never asked God for it, I always knew it was mine and ‘puri kainaat ne mujhe usse mila dia hai.’

How will describe your friendship with Nishant and Shamita and your hashtag ‘PraNiSha’ which is trending like crazy?


I just want to say it all started with care and concern for each other on Bigg Boss OTT and later when we met again on Bigg Boss 15, our bond became more intact and stronger with time and brought us together. We stood for each other and will always be there for each other as this friendship will never end that’s for sure.

What’s in store for your fans now?

I am fine with everything which is coming in my way, I will accept every work which will come my way. I will accept everything which will God send for me. I need to earn more love, fame and need to make my family and entire Pratikfam proud and will work continuously without any break. I like being busy and so whatever is coming my way, I will accept it wholeheartedly. I am open to everything – TV, OTT, music videos, films… anything and everything. I just need to work and that’s for sure.

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