A video has surfaced on the internet of a fight breaking out between two group of supporters at the IPL 2024 game between Hardik Pandya’s Mumbai Indians (MI) and Shubman Gill’s Gujarat Titans (GT) at the Narendra Modi stadium in Ahmedabad. The video that has been captured by one of the spectators in the same stand where the fight took place, is of eight seconds. Many on social media websites are claiming that the fight was between the fans of former MI captain Rohit Sharma and current one Hardik. 

There is a lot going inside MI dressing room currently. During the match as well as after it, one could sense a cold war brewing in the MI camp. The way Rohit reacted to Hardik sending him to various corners of the field to Jasprit Bumrah’s interesting body language during the game almost every time he was suggested something by the new skipper.

Rohit and Bumrah were also seen in an animated chat in the dugout later. Fans are claiming that MI is currently divided into two factions: Pandya and Rohit. As the tournament progresses, it will be interesting to see the developments in the MI camp. But looking at the visuals during the MI vs GT match, it is clear that some disagreements at least prevail in the dressing room.

Coming to the fight between the fans at the stadium, one cannot tell by looking at the short video that this fight was between Rohit and Hardik fans. The reason for this clash could be anything and only those around him can say what the actual reason was.

Check out the video of the fight at Narendra Modi stadium between fans below:

In case you missed it, Hardik had gone to hug Rohit from the back but the former captain was visibly frustrated by this and started having a heated conversation with his skipper. Hardik patiently listened to Rohit even if Hitman continued to have an angry expressions on his faces. 

One still cannot say whether this was a verbal fight between the two. The fact that MI lost from a winning position could have frustrated Rohit and he was passing on some lessons to Hardik which can used later on in the league. Knowing Rohit, who does not believing in hiding his emotions, he continued to speak without any filter on his words or expressions. Hardik, himself, said in the pre-season press conference that he will always look for ideas from Rohit during the tournament. 

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