Finding her path: From Artist to Entrepreneur

“Do what you love, believe in yourself.
Everyone is unique, find your uniqueness.”

The question starts with, why you?

How do we judge someone whether they are good at running a business or otherwise? Nobody comes with a prominent label attached to them, denoting proof of their entrepreneurial streak. For some, the dream to be your own boss grows for a long time, even years, before it finally comes to fruition.

Some may recognize this quench to start a venture earlier in life. For Pooja Gada, she had two important aspects that shaped her career. Firstly, becoming a commercial artist. She was blessed with supportive parents who recognized her artistic talent from a young age.

Post her degree as a commercial artist from J.J school of arts, she carved her career path towards few global ad agencies as a Communication Designer. Looking back at her journey, she has immense gratitude for the people in her life, “I was extremely lucky to have supportive parents and finding the right mentors who nurtured my artistic abilities.” Even the early experiences in the career path influenced her skill sets and her exploring real-life mainstream branding and media.



This was the second turning point in her career. After gaining a few experiences in startups, she realized the vast opportunities available in the design, web and digital world. With her skills in place, she envisioned to make her mark in the industry.

But finding her sweet spot at the confluence of art and business wasn’t a simple equation. Achieving entrepreneurial success didn’t come from artistic talent alone. Recalling how it was a huge challenge for her, she said, “It was a huge shift for me. I moulded myself to develop relevant skills in sales, technology and digital mediums. Viewing myself as an entrepreneur was surely a challenge, but it just felt so right, and I found myself inching a step closer towards the life of my dreams.’’

With support from her family, close friends and business partner, her brainchild- The Butterfly Effect Studio came into life. Along with her energetic team, Pooja helps brands increase their awareness and improve their bottom line. The reason they call themselves ‘The Butterfly Effect’ is that they create a positive effect on the business and ensure exponential business growth. The team is well versed in providing solutions pertaining to Design, Branding, Social Media Campaigns, Digital Marketing Strategy, Website Development, and Content Creation to diverse application industries. The universal intent is to help brands forge a connection with their consumers, through creatively designed brand ecosystems and digital marketing strategies. They strongly believe in weaving a story that is better for the brand and its target audience as opposed to the culture of ‘following the trend’. This eventually turns out to be right for the client’s growth.

“Initially, this still seemed like a dream. But we got such a good response from our clients. They kept coming back for our services. We kept getting new referrals and the positive feedback became the driving force behind our constant creativity and hard work. In fact, my business is entirely referral based and it’s one of our strengths.”

Becoming an entrepreneur at an early age had its benefits but it also had its shares of perks.
“I was new meat in the market, a woman, and on top of that, too young. I was a young businesswoman! You can only imagine the kind of mixed reactions I must have received. There were a few of them who questioned my skills, my authenticity. But that’s what drove me forward.”

6 years of experience in and still, every day brings in new learning. “It’s all about the never-ending lessons that I get to learn and enjoy implementing it every day.’’

For women wanting to be independent and she has one simple, yet most effective advice. “There’s only one mantra that I follow- Do what you love. You can implement this mantra in whatever you do in life, to achieve both personal and professional endeavours.’’

On women empowerment and equality, there is this quote that she swears by- ‘There is no force equal to a woman determined to rise.’

Her art plus tech-savvy business sense is taking her to new heights. As a parting comment, she says “Art is the love of my life, and that drives me to be the best entrepreneur. And with the support of my family and husband who understands my commitment to my career, I feel like no force can stop me from achieving my goals.’’

Pooja’s simple yet clear vision in her life is the best outlook that one can take along with them. If someone questions you, next time, why you? To them, you can always answer, just like how Pooja answers,
“If not me, who else?”






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