Finding the correct balance between creativity and motherhood

Curate the details and think out-of-the-box is the mantra Sneha works by! Sneha Rambhia Shah – a vibrant interior designer who grew up in the heart of Mumbai launched her very own venture Skulpt Designs in 2012. As a women entrepreneur, she believes in creating spaces that not only thrive in terms of comfort but also inspire innovative living. From the largest concept to the smallest detail, the studio creates interior designs that elevate the human experience.

After graduating in Interior Design from Rachana Sansad – SID, she gained valuable experience while working with Architect Sameep Padora – sP+a. This led her to launching her independent design firm, Skulpt Designs. It follows a multidisciplinary practice growing rapidly in fields like commercial, residential, retail, public spaces and more. It values diversity and collaboration, innovative, thoughtful design and a focus on natural light and materials. Sneha believes there is no greater pleasure than designing an environment that helps people function in comfort and also inspires them to work better in an office space. When it comes to designing a house, it reflects the things that the clients like and their sensibilities.

The environments we inhabit have a profound effect on us. Sneha’s style of work is a culmination of her signature minimalistic modern designs and the client’s needs. Her designs resonate with today’s diverse world. She believes that her work is a process of collective discovery through which the beauty, order and character of a place are realized. Her clients are her collaborators— they work together to create innovative solutions to their needs. A well-designed space embodies conceptual elegance while supporting her client’s mission.

Sneha, at Skulpt Designs, follows a 6-step work formula with all her clients. It starts with a design brief, which helps to determine the key objectives followed by a property consultation and then an interior design brief. The next step is space planning and design, which helps them assess how a client’s existing space could be adapted to meet client aspirations. Next is the budget plan which determines all material and service charges followed by detailed design and specification. This includes working drawings together with mechanical and electrical installation requirements. The next step is project management & construction; this is where all the planning culminates to execution. The final step is on-going support. She believes that even after the project completion, clients need support to iron out any snags and enjoy invaluable peace of mind.

In a post-Covid world, she plans to expand her business towards more projects like retail stores, restaurants, boutique resorts along with her existing portfolio of residential and commercial ventures. Skulpt also designs customised furniture pieces for its clients. Sneha plans on creating a signature series of these pieces that will be available to all. So, if you are looking to just add a fresh zing to a room instead of doing up the whole space, these pieces will be just what you would need.

Opting for environmentally responsible interior design, by choosing the right materials and products, is what Sneha focuses on. Creating eco-friendly spaces with a reduced impact on the planet is the need of the hour. By using dust from quarries as aggregates for cast stone, destruction of mountains can be prevented and air pollution levels caused by the dust can be reduced. Wall panels and washbasins are created in her projects from these ecological substitutes. A minimal to zero waste policy is practiced in all the projects she helms.

As a female entrepreneur, Sneha has been fortunate enough to work in a healthy workspace with professionals working to deliver the best along with her. But as a mother of a tiny tot, the struggle has been real for her. Managing two schedules is a challenge, especially since work at Skulpt Designs includes site visits, store visits for material and client meetings on site. It’s not a work-from-home friendly profession, making it a challenge to ensure she doesn’t miss out on her baby’s childhood moments.

A well-designed space creates a positive vibe in life. With immense experience under her belt, she aims to continuously strive to improve what she does and maximize the positive impact of her designs on the environment.



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