New Delhi: In a horrific incident, former model and flight attendant Christine Dacera was allegedly gangraped and found dead at a New Year’s party in a Philippines hotel. Her autopsy report which claimed that she died of ruptured aortic aneurysm was rejected by her mother, Sharon Dacera, who has asserted that her daughter was raped, as per a report.

Sharon, in a television interview, said, “For me, my daughter was raped.”

“If you see the body of Christine, if you are the mother you will surely feel the pain suffered by Christine from them but my daughter cannot speak anymore because she died”, she added.

“There were lacerations on my daughter, bruises, how come it wasn’t written (in the autopsy)? I cannot accept the autopsy that they had done,” the report quoted Christine’s mother as saying.

23-year-old Christine was found dead in a hotel room bathtub at the Garden City Grand Hotel in Makati, Philippines on January 1, 2021.

Her mother said that her daughter could not have died of an aneurysm as she was “healthy”, reported.

As per the report, 11 men have been ‘provisionally’ charged in relation to the rape and murder of the flight attendant. Three of them were arrested but later released from police custody.

Dacera’s family lawyer said they believe that her drink was spiked and she was abused. Her family claimed that Christine “had already experienced intoxication and complained that her drinks appeared to have been spiked”. “We also believe that maybe the aneurysm was a proximate cause but it is also very possible it was triggered by the assault prior to her death,” Brick Reyes, the family’s lawyer, said, as per to The Inquirer.

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