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French Open 2023: Novak Djokovic Makes History, Surpasses Federer And Nadal In Grand Slam Titles | Tennis News

Novak Djokovic, a tennis player, has always looked up to Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. He believed that one day he would surpass their achievements. This seemed unlikely at first, but it eventually became inevitable. In a final match in Paris, Djokovic defeated Casper Ruud and won his 23rd grand slam title.

This victory is historic because Djokovic now holds the record for the most grand slam titles by a male player. He also has three titles at the French Open, which was a difficult tournament for him in the past because Nadal, the greatest clay court player, always performed exceptionally well there. Djokovic is the first man to win each grand slam tournament three times. Additionally, he will return to the number one ranking for the 388th week, which is a record.

Djokovic is still very agile on the court, even at his age. His achievements at this stage of his career make him even more remarkable. At 36 years and 20 days, he became the oldest singles champion at Roland Garros. He has also won the last three grand slam tournaments he participated in, with a winning streak of 21 matches.

Casper Ruud, the fourth seed, was not expected to defeat Djokovic, the third seed. However, he had some experience from playing in the finals of the French Open and the US Open last year. Ruud played well at the start of the match, showcasing his powerful forehand and mixing in smart drop shots. He demonstrated his potential by confidently approaching the net.

Although Ruud had a strong start, Djokovic struggled in the beginning. He was passive and made many mistakes with his forehand shots. However, Djokovic always has options and managed to recover from the poor start. He relied on his legs and defensive skills to withstand Ruud’s attacks. Eventually, he broke Ruud’s serve and won the set.

In the second set, Djokovic regained his confidence while Ruud faced the daunting task of defeating him. Djokovic dominated the match, controlling the rallies with his powerful forehand and exploiting Ruud’s weaknesses. He patiently waited for the right moment and secured a crucial break late in the third set, leading to one of the greatest successes of his career.

In recent years, Djokovic has focused on winning grand slam titles, considering them his main motivation. Despite struggling with form and injuries during the clay court season, he rose to the challenge and performed exceptionally well when it mattered the most.

When Djokovic was a young player, he stated in an interview that his goal was to become the number one player in the world. Now, many young players aspire to be the greatest of all time, inspired by Djokovic, Serena Williams, Nadal, and Federer. The standard for success in tennis has reached new heights.

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