World-renowned wrestler, The Great Khali, known off the ring as Dalip Singh Rana, has added another chapter to his remarkable life story. The 7-foot-tall wrestling icon recently became a father for the second time, joyously welcoming a baby boy with his wife, Harminder Kaur.

The Surprise Announcement

In a heartwarming announcement that took the wrestling community by surprise, The Great Khali shared the news on his social media accounts. The 51-year-old WWE Hall of Famer, who has always kept his personal life private, expressed his joy and gratitude for the newest addition to his family.

Kangaroo Care and Viral Video

A touching video of The Great Khali practising Kangaroo care with his newborn has gone viral, capturing the hearts of fans worldwide. In the clip, the wrestling legend exhibits his softer side, highlighting the precious moments shared between a father and his baby boy. The video has become a sensation on social media, showcasing Khali’s genuine happiness.

Family Background

Despite his towering presence in the wrestling ring, The Great Khali has maintained a low-key personal life. Married to Harminder Kaur since February 27, 2002, the couple’s love story began through an arranged match orchestrated by their families. Their shared ambition and mutual understanding led to a lasting connection.

Avleen Rana and Big Sisterhood

This is not the first time the Rana family has celebrated the pitter-patter of tiny feet. In February 2014, The Great Khali and Harminder Kaur welcomed their first child, a baby girl named Avleen Rana. Now, with the arrival of their baby boy, Avleen becomes a proud big sister, adding another layer of joy to the family.

Congratulations Pour In

Fans and fellow wrestlers have flooded social media with congratulatory messages for The Great Khali. The wrestling community unites in celebrating this joyous occasion, showcasing the camaraderie that extends beyond the ring.

Closing Thoughts

As The Great Khali continues to bask in the glory of fatherhood for the second time, the wrestling world extends its warmest congratulations. The iconic wrestler, who last appeared in the ring on September 8th at WWE Superstar Spectacle in Hyderabad, India, now enjoys a new chapter in his life, marked by the love and laughter of his growing family. Cheers to The Great Khali and Harminder Kaur on this incredible milestone!

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