On March 8 of each year, the world celebrates International Women’s Day, which has as its theme for this year as per UN, “Invest in Women: Accelerate progress” and aims to praise and recognize the outstanding accomplishments of women with a focus on addressing economic disempowerment to highlight the significance of diversity and empowerment across all sectors of society.

Celebrating the women in our lives, such as our mothers, grandmothers, sisters, wives, girlfriends, and others, is just the beginning of celebrating Women’s Day. This is a collection of greetings to post on Facebook and WhatsApp this Women’s Day.

– Happy Women’s Day to my reservoir of calm, my home, my heart, my everything.

-Wishing for a world where opportunities are boundless, and women soar to new heights. Happy Women’s Day!

– I hope that this Women’s Day, you resolve to place your needs before everyone else’s. You allow yourself to be a bit more selfish and do things for yourself and nobody else. I hope this day brings you happiness and joy galore. Wishing you a Happy Women’s Day.

– If bravery, resilience, and strength had a face, it would undoubtedly be a woman’s face. Happy Women’s Day.

– Women enrich our lives in countless ways. Wishing you a Happy International Women’s Day 2024!

– Being a woman is a challenging journey, but your strength knows no bounds. Happy Women’s Day!

– You don’t need a prince charming to rescue you. You are strong and capable on your own. Happy Women’s Day!

– Take pride in being a woman. Your ability to bring new life into this world is unparalleled. Let’s continue to uphold our strength. Happy International Women’s Day!

– There are so many times when we don’t fully appreciate what women do for us. Here’s a big thank you to all the magnificent women! Happy Women’s Day!

– Happy Women’s Day to my favourite trailblazer! You’ve broken down barriers, challenged stereotypes, and shown us what true determination looks like. Keep being a boss and making your mark on the world.

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