Following a one-day delay due to heavy rain, both the spectators and teams were eager to witness the final match under more favourable weather conditions. However, nature seemed determined to disrupt the game once again. The first half proceeded without interruption, but just as Chennai Super Kings (CSK) began their run chase, the rain began to fall. The match was halted, with Gujarat Titans (GT) having amassed a staggering 214/4 in their allotted 20 overs, while CSK stood at 4/0 after 0.3 overs.

The persistent rain continued to delay the game, and if it were to end now, CSK would lose, and GT would be crowned champions due to their superior position in the group table. However, CSK might not mind the rain persisting for a little longer before subsiding. Losing some overs would result in a shortened game, which would work in their favour. According to the Duckworth-Lewis-Stern (DLS) method, if the match were to be reduced to five overs, CSK would need to score 43 runs for victory.

The DLS Par Score provided indicates that CSK would have the upper hand in this situation. It places them in the driver’s seat, which could prove advantageous for MS Dhoni and his team. The scores at the end of the fifth over would need to be 43 for no loss, 48 if they lose one wicket, 55 if they lose two wickets, 65 if they lose three wickets, 77 if they lose four wickets, and 95 if they lose five wickets.

GT is aware that a shortened game would be unfavourable for them. Any scenario involving the DLS method tends to favour the chasing team, and CSK stands to benefit. Consequently, GT hopes the match does not get further reduced and that a minimum of 15 overs can be played to maintain their advantage. Anything less than 10 overs would be a significant advantage for CSK, which GT is keen to avoid. In this context, Hardik Pandya would not mind if the rain persisted in Ahmedabad. A complete washout would result in GT being crowned champions based on their superior position in the league table compared to CSK.

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