In Israel Kibbutz, Paramedic Waited 6 Hours For Help That Never Came

The horrors of the Hamas attack in the Israeli towns and villages near the Gaza strip are still unfolding. Earlier today, a couple of Israeli journalists — Hananya Naftali and his wife India Naftali — posted on social media the story of a man whose sister, a paramedic at a kibbutz in the area, was apparently shot while on a phone call with him.

Without identifying the man, the Naftalis’ posts gave an account of a harrowing six hours during which the kibbutzim waited for help — in vain.

Be’eri  — a kibbutz on the northwestern part of the Negev desert near the Gaza strip — was established in 1946 as part of a strategic plan to help the future state withstand an invasion from Egypt. Over the decades, it came to be known for its paper printing factory.

After Saturday, it made headlines for the Hamas strike.

Early on Saturday, Hamas men had flooded the kibbutz as part of an unprecedented raid across at least three cities — Ofakim, Sderot and Netivot — and multiple villages.

An undisclosed number of kibbutz members were killed and several were believed to have been abducted and taken to the Gaza Strip, reported the Times of Israel.

The Naftalis’ post gave an up close and personal account of the tragedy through the eyes of the brother of Amit, who is only 22 years old.

Engaged in saving lives and training paramedics, she had waited for 6 hours for help, the post read.

“In the clinic with the wounded and dead, she begged and asked that they rescue her and them. 6 hours she hides in the kitchen with a knife and hears the war, the explosions and the shootings next to her,” the post read.

“It’s 6 hours, and we ask where is the army?? Where’s the rescue…  Then she sends a message: “They are here, they are in the clinic, I don’t think I will get out of this, I love you”… I try a desperate attempt, call her, she answers me screaming that she was shot in the legs, that they murdered everyone there, and she is the last one, that they are on her!! I hear gunshots and the call disconnects,” it added.

The post ends with the man saying they are praying and waiting for a miracle.

The massive ground, air and sea offensive and its aftermath have wiped out around 100 lives in Israel and Palestine. Reports said 600 Israelis have been killed and 1,000 wounded.

Gaza officials said intense Israeli air strikes on the coastal enclave had brought the Palestinian death count to at least 400, around 1,700 have been wounded.

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