New Delhi: Our very own Munna Bhaiya, Divyenndu Sharma is here to share a message on International Men’s Day.

While Munna Bhaiya is a layered character who portrays toxic masculinity on the surface, our star Divyenndu is the complete opposite. 

Taking to his social media, Divyenndu shared a video message on Men’s Day using a sarcastic approach.

The actor says, “We men, just don’t talk” highlighting how men hide their vulnerabilities.

In the video Divyenndu says, “Aisa nahi hai ki humein kisi ne roka hai, to reveal what we are going through.. its a self-exercised choice, boss! To not talk and let the world know that we could also be weak, kyunki mard hain na” as he is motivating all men to share what they go through in his sarcastic tone.


Divyenndu shares how men hide their emotions because they don’t want to be the odd ones out in the socially constructed idea of masculinity.

“On this #InternationalMensDay, we urge men to have open and honest conversations about their feelings, their struggles, and their experiences. Men, let’s talk.
#MenDontTalk #ManMatters #MensDay”, the video concluded.

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