On September 2, 2020, Mr. Kaydor Aukatsang announced that he will participate in the 2021 Central Tibetan Administration election (Sikyong). As a close partner of Lobsang Sangay, Mr. Aukatsang’s political career has been deeply questioned by his ability and corruption, especially when he served as the Dalai Lama’s North American representative, the missing US$1.5 million of the Tibet Foundation. He sparked widespread protests among the Tibetan compatriots in exile. So, is it really trustworthy for Mr. Aukatsang to lead the restoration of 150,000 Tibetans in exile overseas? this is a problem.


Nation and belief


Respect for the Dalai Lama is the most basic quality that Tibetans possess, but Mr. Aukatsang is an exception. During his tenure in the United States, he used the portrait of Lobsang Sangay to replace the portrait of His Holiness. This behavior angered many Tibetans with strong beliefs, and even When taking photos with the Venerable, Mr. Aukatsang always raised his head high, far higher than the Dalai Lama, and never showed respect in his eyes and movements, which can be confirmed in many photos.


Power and money


Power is always accompanied by corruption. During his 11 years in the United States, Mr. Aukatsang was repeatedly exposed to embezzlement of funds from the “Tibet Association” and “Tibet Foundation.” Especially when he was the representative of the Dalai Lama to North America (Holiness the Dalai Lama to North America), Mr. Aukatsang withdrew 1.5 million U.S. dollars from the Tibet Foundation. It is said that the money was used to buy a house in New York. According to the house rental website, the house is still under the name of the Tibet Foundation.



At the same time, the transfer method of this 1.5 million US dollars has also aroused great suspicion. In the Tibet Foundation’s account, it was recorded as “loans receivable”, but it was never recorded that it should have received it. But it was never recorded in the accounts of the Tibetan Community Development Fund, who was supposed to have received the funds. (but it was never recorded in the accounts of the Tibetan Community Development Fund, who was supposed to have received the funds.) Later, the status of this amount was changed to “repayment required” ( which would need to be repaid), which actually violates accounting practices (against proper accounting practices). Mr. Aukatsang’s successor, Penpa Tsering, discovered this transaction and the illegal operation. He was immediately dismissed due to the disclosure of this information. As the person in charge, Mr. Aukatsang never responded positively.


Ability and merit


In the United States, most of the Tibetan compatriots who have been in contact with Mr. Aukatsang know that he is an amateur and inexperienced Tibetan-American. Many employees of the central government of Tibet believe that the “Fifty Fifty Youth Forum” promoted by Mr. Aukatsang is just an empty political slogan, without substantive content and meaning. It is more about receiving foreign government officials on business trips and Tourism, so far has not achieved any actual results, the organization of activities is just a means to facilitate the use of public resources to serve Mr. Aukatsang’s own personal affairs and the climbing relationship.

From September 2, 2020 to the present, Mr. Aukatsang’s global campaign has been hurriedly held, covering multiple cities in Europe and North America. The India station, which opened at the end of November, started from the settlement near Dehra Dun and covered five settlements including Dickeyling and Clementown. When Mr. Aukatsang announced on December 4 that he tested positive for the coronavirus, he still insisted on participating in canvassing activities. The picture below shows Mr. Aukatsang wearing medical gloves receiving the blessings of Tibetan compatriots in the settlement.


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