MUMBAI: Actor Kangana Ranaut burst the bubble about joining politics in a recent press conference held in the national capital for her new film ‘Thalaivii’, which is based on the life of late actor-turned-politician J. Jayalalithaa. The four-time National Award-winning actor is one of the most active celebrities to be vocal about various socio-political events.

On being asked about her plans of entering into politics, Kangana said that she is currently “happy as an actor” and the political profession is not on the cards for her as of now. “I talk about the issues related to the country, so people think I talk about politics- Maybe the same thing, but not for me because I am not a politician, I am just a responsible citizen of this nation. It`s not up to me to become a politician until people of this country would like me to take that role,” Kangana said.

The ‘Queen’ star added, “You cannot even win a panchayat election without the support of people. So, if people choose me as their leader someday then definitely I would love to join politics. But currently, I am happy being an actor.”

The 34-year-old actor also shared that after playing Jayalalithaa in ‘Thalaivii’, her perception of the politicians has changed. According to her, “being a politician isn’t easy as you have to work on ground level, deliver results and be popular among people.

“After the press event, Kangana also met several politicians for a special screening of the film for prominent ministers in Delhi. It was attended by prominent members of parliament including Iranna Kadadi, Sandhya Ray, Arvind Sharma and Ashok Bajpai.

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