Love can be both sweet and spicy: Here is what the bond explains!

We all want our loved ones to stay healthy and live long, but many don’t listen. Smoking has many drawbacks for our own lifelike it can lead to mouth cancer, it can lead to lung problems, severe lung problems can lead to cough, cold and significant disease like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

So, if we want your loved ones that they agree upon anything like quitting smoking or anything you want them they should agree to, tell their favorite person to do so, so you can book a personalized video message from the celebrity they admire.

So, in a recent video by Faverou, Simmi along with her friends conveyed her brother through his favorite actress, MANJARI FADNNIS

She says to Gaurav that you should not smoke in public. It doesn’t look right. But MANJARI adds smoking whether in public or private it is not good for health, it is not at all COOL, she asks him to stop smoking.

She added, the second thing that Simmi wants to say is that you flirt a lot with her friends so stop flirting with them but MANJARI adds that “I would suggest living your life your way so you can do as much flirting you want to do, flirting is healthy for a living if you are not harassing anyone and doing it the right way so flirting is good, you should continue flirting but if you smoke please stop that.”

To this video, Gaurav asks MANJARI to make a video replying to his sister and convey his message, while she readily makes a reply video for Simmi. In that video, MANJARI says it’s good that if you don’t smoke but please stop if you do it.

She continue, he also says that he doesn’t flirt with all of them but one of them from their group also flirts back!

MANJARI says I won’t disclose the name but he also likes her and enjoy flirting with her, she adds “Help your brother Simmi be a good sister” another thing that he says is Simmi and her friends tell everyone that he should stop smoking but for stopping he need to start first.

So, MANJARI ADDS “It’s great Gaurav if you don’t smoke it’s good for you”

in end, MAJARI adds lots of love to all of them

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