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A new Indian start-up is making its rightful place in the digital gaming scene in India. Digicodes™; founded in August 2017; by Varun Avasthi; is the largest digital gaming and e-goods store in India.

Digicodes™ has a large catalogue of 25,000+ digital and e-goods including video games, softwares, tools, utilities, gift cards, e-courses, in-game items, downloadable content and more! It acquired its initial customer base with its popular products and the huge digital shift; especially in Tier 2 and 3 cities of India. In just three years; it is home to more than 1,00,000 users and subscribers.

All of these digital items are accessible in one place on their very user friendly portal. The digital products are available to customers instantly or within 24 hours and all purchases are listed in the customers dashboard thus enabling a single digital panel where one can manage all their digital purchases and downloads. In this sense; digital games have the advantage that they cannot be lost or broken. You can also access your games and downloads at any time.

The high adoption of electronic devices and increasing internet penetration are accelerating the growth of the digital gaming market. Technological advancements related to new product development and the availability of free games are further booming the growth of the digital gaming market. An increasing number of gamers across the globe and growing inclination toward high-end gaming is expected to increase demand in the digital gaming market.

Amidst the unprecedented outbreak of coronavirus, governments across the world are still advising people to stay indoors and practice social distancing to reduce the spread of the pandemic. This is also expected to positively impact the video games market in the immediate future.

The popularity of DIGICODES can be assessed by the thousands of positive reviews that their customers have left for them on popular review websites. The company is rated excellent across various review platforms with 3000+ customer reviews of its services. The company is owned by Indiweb Holdings Pvt. Ltd.; which also owns and operates other portals including iVoucher (, Myopenacademy (, Indiwellness (, Prepaidvirtual ( and Indiacompute (

The website has tied up with all the popular payment gateways including Paypal, Payumoney, Cashfree and others to enable almost all popular payment methods include debit card, credit card, net banking and UPI on its portal – Customers also have the advantage of paying for their purchases with EMI thus making opening up a huge catalogue of 25,000+ digital items and especially to students who might have a limited budget or limited pocket money.

They also have a digital distribution program which enables publishers and app developers to release their games, apps, software, e-books, music, video or any other digital item to the public at large. For this service; publishers and app developers will have to pay a minimum and competitive fee. This puts the start-up in the same category as other app distribution platforms such as Google Play and the iOS Store.

With the recent banning of the Paytm app in the Google Play store; it is also good to see reliable Indian options where developers and publishers can host and distribute their games and / or apps.

The start-up is also breaking the myth that going green is expensive. Most products are available for lesser prices than their physical counterparts; and the company also provides regular discounts and cashback offers etc; thus ensuring that you get the best bang for your buck.

Being sensitive about global warming, environment protection; and being a digitally driven business; Digicodeshas plans to undertake various related CSR activities. In this regard; the start-up has pledged to remain green, paperless and plastic free.

It is good to see Indian companies building strong products based in India which are ready to serve global markets. The start-up also fits very well into the governments digital push and Atmanirbhar Bharat push.


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