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MUMBAI: A “mentally unstable” policeman was rescued after he climbed on the terrace of a three-storey building at Dadar in central Mumbai on Saturday and threatened to jump from there, an official said. He was rescued by the police and the fire brigade personnel, he said.
“The policeman, who is apparently mentally unstable, went to the terrace of the building and started walking on the parapet wall. He did so for more than half-an-hour,” the official said.
“Some residents saw the man walking precariously on the wall as threatened to jump off the building. Following this, they informed the police and fire brigade,” he added.
The rescue teams reached the spot and started persuading him to climb down. As he did not respond, the rescuers spread an inflatable cushion and mattresses on the ground to save him in case he jumped or accidentally fell down, he said.
However, he responded to their appeal some time later and climbed down the parapet wall, he added.
The man has been taken into custody and being counselled, the official said.

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