MWC2022 5G Connectivity, UNISOC drives IoE with 5G chips

The global 5G industry has moved forward into a period of accelerated development. Up to now, more than 200 5G networks have been officially put into commercial use around the world, serving over 640 million 5G connections in total. In the meantime, mobile scenario traffic has grown by 43.5% in the past year, and the scale effect of industrial digitization has emerged. Therefore, the year of 2022 will be a crucial year for the global 5G application and deployment.

Moreover, as the bellwether of the global communication industry, the upcoming MWC Barcelona 2022 themed by “Connectivity Unleashed” will continue to focus on 5G technology. The event is expected to showcase the latest scientific research achievement and cutting-edge technologies of mobile Internet in many aspects such as 5G technology.

The development and global deployment of 5G are inseparable from the support of underlying chips. As one of the world’s leading suppliers of 5G chips, UNISOC has been constantly focusing on the 5G deployment and investment, and committed itself to leveraging 5G to promote the digital era accessible to both individuals and industries.

UNISOC has gained profound know-how and experience in various communication technologies such as 2G/3G/4G/5G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, TV FM and satellite communication. It has secured network verification from over 200 telecom operators in 128 countries to ensure the delivery of terminal products worldwide. Currently, UNISOC processors have been supplied to multiple brands including Sumsung, Realme, HONOR, Vivo, Motorola, ZTE, Nokia, etc, which enables UNISOC to have the global market coverage of terminal products.

In the 5G field, UNISOC offers sophisticated consumer electronics and industry-specific application products, and has developed its own 5G brand – UNISOC Tangula, through which, UNISOC is committed to provide intelligent services for both individuals and society with its broad product portfolios under different series.

In the field of consumer electronics, UNISOC has rolled out product portfolios under 6 Series, 7 Series, 8 Series and 9 Series to provide differentiated products based on various user needs. Among them, 6 Series is positioned as 5G inclusive, with high-speed and stable connection to expand the user base and enhance the mobile Internet experience; 7 Series brings upgraded experience and strikes a better balance among performance, power consumption, safety and productivity, offering a faster and more pleasant entertainment experience to the mainstream user group. 8 Series is focused on robustness with reliable performance, long endurance and high-speed connection. 9 Series represents the cutting-edge technologies with more robust performance and better technical advantages, to accommodate user demands for pursuing state-of-art technologies and premium quality. At present, UNISOC Tangula T740 under 7 Series has been installed on multiple terminal products such as Hisense F50+ and Hisense A7, with a shipment volume of over one million sets.

UNISOC Tangula T770 and T760, which are developed based on UNISOC second-generation 5G platform, have also achieved commercial mass production by the end of 2021, using the innovative 6 nm EUV process. UNISOC Tangula T770 ANTUTU has gained an overall running score of over 400,000 levels, reaching the criteria for medium and high-end performance. These two 5G mobile platforms will be installed on the first batch of smart phones under ZTE, Hisense and other brands.

In terms of industry-specific applications, UNISOC continues to promote the large-scale commercial application of 5G in various social and economic fields. The 5G modules and 5G terminals equipped with UNISOC 5G chips have been commercially implemented for many telecom operators and industrial customers at home and abroad, for example, True from Thailand. More than 100 industrial terminal application cases have been implemented in many markets around the world, enabling 5G technology to drive the intelligent transformation in various industries such as smart medical services, smart logistics, smart power, smart mining, smart transportation, intelligent manufacture and intelligent parks. Through cooperation with ecological partners including telecom operators, equipment manufacturers and module manufacturers, UNISOC has given full play to the potential and market competitiveness of 5G technology to accelerate the deployment of the industrial application of 5G, and set up a replicable business model.

UNISOC has also planned the special program titled “Analysis of Industrial Application Scenarios in the 5G Era”, to explore the prospect of 5G industrial applications as well as the role of chip manufacturers in promoting the implement of industrial application through the analysis of typical industrial application cases in mining, power grid, medical services, logistics, manufacturing, etc.

Company: UNISOC Technologies Co., Ltd


Contact: Crystal Tang 唐玥颖, PR Team



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