National Pet Parents Day 2024: 5 Essential Tips To Keep In Mind While Adopting A Dog

Pet Parents Day honours and celebrates pet owners and the love, companionship, and care that they provide. This is a moment to honour animal companions, encourage conscientious pet keeping, and emphasize the benefits of adopting pets from shelters. This day honours the relationship that pets have with their families and highlights the happiness they bring into our lives. 

According to Mars Petcare’s State of Pet Homelessness Report, 69.3 million pets are homeless in India, with 60.5 million (71%) of dogs living on the streets or in shelters. This highlights the importance of adoption and responsible pet ownership. This Pet Parents Day, let’s unite in prioritizing adoption, offering pets in need loving homes and a brighter future.

Essential Tips for Welcoming Your New Pet

Here are some facts you need to know while adopting a dog:

Personality qualities: Because of their diverse backgrounds and upbringings, dogs display a variety of personality traits. Traditionally employed as companion and security dogs, Indies exhibit qualities of flexibility and intelligence. Indies for example have an even temperament, which makes them extremely trainable and appropriate for a range of lifestyles, including becoming loving companions, despite their ancestors’ function as guard dogs.

Preparedness: Preparing to adopt a pet involves careful research for a suitable match, setting up a pet-friendly environment, scheduling veterinary check-ups, and mentally preparing for the responsibilities of pet ownership, including nutrition, exercise, grooming, training, and regular care. It requires commitment, patience, and a genuine desire to provide a loving home for a furry companion.

Intelligence: Dogs showcase impressive intelligence, shaped by their survival instincts in various challenging environments. While their intelligence makes training easier, it also means they have a strong will. Without proper training, even Indies can be quite energetic and may need significant guidance. Therefore, potential adopters should prioritize training when considering an Indie dog.

Grooming & care: Indie dogs for instance have a dual-layered coat, a coarse, medium-short top coat and a soft, short undercoat that provides insulation from extreme temperatures. While they do shed, it’s less than breeds like Labradors or Golden Retrievers. Regular brushing is necessary for their skin and coat health, and occasional professional grooming helps prevent skin issues, maintains dental hygiene, and addresses anal gland concerns.

Myths: Dogs may be grateful and obedient simply because they have found a home, but training is still essential for their well-being and safety just like any other breed. Although they have short fur, regular grooming is important for their skin and coat health. Preventive healthcare and regular checkups are crucial for Indies’ overall health and longevity. While they may not be picky eaters, providing a balanced and nutritious diet tailored to their needs is still important for their optimal health. 

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