NNB Biotech Announces The Biggest Breakthrough in Skincare in Over 21 years

Biologically Complex Age Reversal Is Now a Reality

We humans spend $135 billion on skin-improving products. And another $435 billion on makeup trying to cover up skin problems. Yet another $11 billion on battery-operated home skin care gadgets.

Let’s be honest. If these “so-called” solutions really worked as advertised, everyone would look 21 years old. Or at least 15-25 years younger than they actually are. A walk down any busy street tells you that’s not so.

Now what?

In 2014, NNB, an innovative biotech and global research institute, enlisted the services of 100 scientists throughout 10 countries to perform one of the largest scientific investigations on aging, specifically skin aging. They wanted to know how skin ages, why skin ages, and are there real science-based solutions to actually reverse skin aging?

In 2016, the NNB world-wide research group discovered the biological actions of the unusual amino acid L-Ergothioneine, now trademarked as MitoPrime. They believed that MitoPrime could reduce wrinkles, increase skin elasticity, increase skin luminosity, improve texture, and even reduce pore size… but in a way far different than the class of “superficial solutions” found on the market. If correct, it would mean that MitoPrime could “reach” and affect skin cell’s deep functional center.

For the next two years, NNB’s skin research team conducted laboratory studies. With remarkable success. But the question was, could they reproduce those extraordinary results in humans?

The Leap from the Lab to Human Skin

In 2019, NNB added Dr. Joseph Evans, former principal investigator at Novartis Pharmaceuticals, to their research team. He was tasked with proving that MitoPrime works in humans, as well as why it works, if indeed it did. As you can guess, conducting clinical trials is prohibitively expensive. With a bit of trepidation, Dr. Evans asked NNB’s CEO if he could conduct two human clinical trials and six human skin cell studies. To his surprise, the word was an enthusiastic “yes.” For the next 18 months Dr. Evans designed clinical protocols employing the pharmaceutical model. Then from April 2021 to March 2022 the results started to be made available to the public.

Results of MitoPrime’s Double Blind, Placebo Controlled Clinical Trial #1

The first proof of MitoPrime’s efficacy was demonstrated in a double blind, placebo controlled clinical trial conducted with women ages 35-75. Here are the results:

MitoPrime Increased Smoothness (wrinkle depth reduction) of Skin 40%

MitoPrime Increased Skin Radiance  39%

MitoPrime Increased Skin Luminosity  44%

MitoPrime Improved Skin Texture  21%

MitoPrime Improved Skin Elasticity  29%

MitoPrime Improved Skin Tone Evenness  44%

MitoPrime Increased Hydration  36%

MitoPrime Reduced Skin Inflammation & Unfavorable Skin Bacteria

Where Your Skin Begins

In addition to addressing the symptoms of already damaged skin, NNB was looking for a way for the human body to create, through its own bio-actions, youthful-looking, healthy, radiant skin.  That directed them them to the deep functional center of skin cells: skin DNA, skin mitochondria, and skin mitochondrial DNA. In essence, where your skin begins. The truth is, what you see on the surface of your skin starts at this functional core. Early analysis convinced NNB researchers that MitoPrime has the ability to generate significantly younger looking skin. And not just younger looking, but biologically younger skin.

One area of the face that was once considered to be extremely difficult to improve is the skin around the eye. Especially the upper eye. But see Figure 1, you’ll notice the dramatic effects of MitoPrime, in just a few weeks.

This is an actual photograph from the MitoPrime double blind, placebo controlled, clinical trial.

It should be noted that the improvement here represents a biological reduction in age of 10-15 years.

But the clinical trial results, as impressive as they were, only proved “what” the improvements were, not “why” or “how” they happened. Their working hypothesis, as you know, was that MitoPrime exerted a biologically positive influence on the skin’s deep functional center. That’s when the NNB researchers, some of the most curious people on the face of the Earth, we might add, ventured to prove what they now imagined.

Dr. Evans first step was to commission six human cell studies on MitoPrime’s effect on skin mitochondria, skin mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA), skin cell energy (MMP), skin DNA (nDNA), skin cell functionality and skin cell membrane integrity. In other words, the collective parts and workings of your skin cell’s functional center. As we said, where your skin begins.

To say that the results of the first study surprised everyone involved, would be a big understatement.

1) MitoPrime, Your Skin’s mtDNA, and Wrinkles

Most everyone today uses sunscreen, in one form or another. We all know that the sun, of course,  causes wrinkles. That’s not news. But what is big news is exactly how and why the sun causes those wrinkles. A recent clinical trial identified the exact mechanisms through which sunlight and airborne toxins, and even poor diets, cause skin to wrinkle, lose elasticity, and become dull-looking.

The exact mechanism responsible for wrinkling is a deletion (shrinkage) of the skin’s mtDNA. In fact, we know the exact percent of the shrinkage, 30.03%, or 4,977 “base pairs” of nucleotides out of a total of 15,569.

Keep in mind, this is not the “regular” (nuclear) DNA that identifies your ancestors. This is your mitochondrial DNA. It’s shape is circular, not the twisted double helix of nuclear DNA. And unlike nuclear DNA, the mitochondrial DNA is very susceptible to damage. Especially from sunlight and common airborne toxins. Not even sunscreen can completely protect skin from this deletion.  But as little known as this phenomenon may be, it happens with such frequency that it’s known as the “Common Deletion.”

In simple terms, it means that the original size of the mtDNA shrinks by 30%. Basically like going from the size of a grapefruit to a lemon. Although antioxidants have the “potential” to help protect the mitochondrial DNA, they cannot. That’s because antioxidants have no ability to penetrate the mitochondria. Except for one, L-Ergothioneine (MitoPrime). That’s because only L-Ergothioneine (MitoPrime) has “nutrient transporters” densely concentrated in the mitochondria. This is a biologically unique feature of L-Ergothioneine. Then came a piece of good news.

An April 2022 study, proved that MitoPrime protected skin mitochondrial DNA from sunlight and toxins by over 70%, trending to 99% (table 1).


Notice the “control” columns in the chart. The “non-irradiated” column shows skin that was not subjected to sunlight. The “irradiated” column shows skin subjected to sunlight and toxins.  Then see how MitoPrime protected skin, in a dose-dependent manner, up to 99%. In other  words, more MitoPrime meant greater protection, all the way up to 99%.

But that was just the beginning of MitoPrime’s effect on skin

2) MitoPrime and Your Skin’s Mitochondria

Mitochondria, as you may remember from your high school biology class, are the powerhouses of your cells. They provide 100% of the energy your skin cells need to function properly. These functions include placing your skin proteins in the proper place and order, staving off damage, and interacting with vital skin enzymes.

But with age and environmental toxins (an epigenetic effect), mitochondrial numbers diminish, leaving skin cells unable to perform their job.

The results of a September 2021 MitoPrime study showed that MitoPrime increased mitochondrial numbers by a full 20%  (table 2).  When you consider that every 1% increase in the number of skin cell mitochondria may create skin that is a full year biologically younger,  20% is quite significant.

The second MitoPrime study, conducted in early 2022, proved the real effect of this increase in mitochondrial numbers. Skin cell energy and functionality increased by over 15% (table 3). This heightened, and usable, energy gives skin cells the energy they need to help keep skin looking youthful. Dr. Evans suggests that this increase is enough to restore any loss due to aging or the environment. Again, the effects of this increase was seen the skin of women ages 35-75, from the first MitoPrime clinical trial.


You’ll also notice that MitoPrime increased skin cell energy (table 5), both under normal conditions and during oxidative stress. This phenomenon was previously seen only during youth.

3) MitoPrime and Your Skin’s DNA

You just saw how the mitochondria give your skin cells the energy the need to function. But it’s your skin’s nuclear DNA that issues the orders on how to construct new skin cells. You can understand why keeping your skin DNA in peak condition is so important. Faulty DNA leads to faulty skin.

How do you help keep you skin DNA healthy?

The biggest threat to your skin DNA comes in the form of two destructive acids. Hypobromous acid and hypochlorous acid. These are part of a specific, and little known, type of free radicals known as the “reactive chlorine species.” Unlike the well known free radicals caused by reactive oxygen species and reactive nitrogen species, damaging free radicals from the reactive chlorine species are extremely difficult to neutralize. During youth, the body seems to have sufficient defense mechanisms to keep these acids at bay. Not so during aging. Until recently, that is.

A very recent study demonstrated that L-Ergothioneine neutralizes both of these harmful acids directly at the source. This may be a major factor why the women on the MitoPrime clinical trials experienced vast improvements in the condition of their skin, and in such a short time.

Interestingly, that makes MitoPrime the only known antioxidant agent capable of neutralizing all four species of free radicals in skin: reactive oxygen species (ROS), reactive nitrogen species (RNS), reactive chlorine species (RCS), and inflammation induced species (IIS).

But that only tells a small part of the enormous advantage MitoPrime enjoys over the regular antioxidants.

4)  MitoPrime: Your Skin’s Deepest Penetrating, Most Comprehensive Antioxidant

So far, we’ve been looking at MitoPrime’s elegant science as a topical treatment for your skin.   Perhaps you’re wondering how MitoPrime compares to today’s “nutra-cosmetics,” part of the “ingestible beauty” category.

Or, if MitoPrime can be used as both a topical and ingestible. Here’s where it gets really interesting.

Today, practically everyone knows the harmful effects of free radicals, and the deleterious, health-damaging , skin damaging, oxidative damage they inflict. This explains why antioxidants, either as a solo product or part of a dietary formula, fly off of store shelves. But as Dr. Evans explains, “This gives consumers a false sense of security. Few people understand how little of the antioxidants they take enter the body and for how short a time they work.”

The reason?

Antioxidants, as a whole, have very poor bioavailability. Meaning only a small part of what you ingest is usable. Once their treacherous journey through the gut into the bloodstream is complete, they then have to contend with resistance from cell barriers. And there are significant losses at each biological check point.

For example, look at the polyphenols in the fruits and vegetables that you eat. The scientific reality is, that for every 100 grams you ingest, fewer than 10 grams actually get absorbed. The remainder is flushed out through your system. MitoPrime, on the other hand, enjoys 100% bioavailability. Remember, MitoPrime is an amino acid, and amino acids get VIP treatment, something like an armed escort from mouth to cell. In fact, a human cell study conducted in 2021 showed that MitoPrime was 10-15 times more effective as an antioxidant than the polyphenols in fruits and vegetables.

To make matters worse, the half-life (time of efficacy) of antioxidants can be as short as 10 minutes. This is the case with glutathione, which is considered the ‘master antioxidant.’ By contrast, MitoPrime’s half-life is 768 hours, the highest of all known oral antioxidants. This also gives MitoPrime the highest Antioxidant Efficacy Rating (AER). See tables 1, 2, for a comparison of antioxidants, many of which you have heard of, and some you may even use.


When you combine the amount absorbed with the actual time of effectiveness, you get the Antioxidant Efficacy Rating (AER). Ideally, this should be above 100. (See table 3 below)

You can easily see the marked advantage of MitoPrime has over the plant based polyphenols in fruits and vegetables. If you’re wondering why oral glutathione has 0% bioavailability, the glutathione molecule is simply too big to be absorbed by humans.

On top of that, you’ll remember that antioxidants have no ability to protect and repair the vital mitochondria and mtDNA. That inability allows free radicals free reign to wreak havoc. But, as you know, MitoPrime easily makes it into all of the skin cell’s compartments, including mitochondria and mtDNA.

Applied topically, only MitoPrime (L-Ergothioneine) has the ability to reach the core of skin cells. As Dr. Evans puts it… “MitoPrime provides significant benefits whether delivered form the outside in or inside out.”

Only MitoPrime Gives you Dual Antioxidant Protection for Your Skin

The antioxidants your skin (and body) needs come in two forms. The first are those you get through your diet, or diet-derived. The second are endogenous antioxidants, meaning they are a natural part of your body’s make up, and do not depend on external sources. Only MitoPrime elevates levels of both types.

You see, in addition to being your skin’s most powerful diet-derived antioxidant, MitoPrime raises levels of the most important endogenous antioxidant, glutathione. This is extremely important for skin, as the glutathione molecule is too big to be absorbed by humans. In a June 2021 human clinical study, MitoPrime raised the levels of glutathione by 146%. The significance of this increase is magnified even more when you consider that glutathione levels decline due to aging.  As Dr. Evans pointed out in a scientific review, “MitoPrime (L-Ergothioneine) is the first and only ingredient proven to elevate glutathione. Given the marked increase, we’re certain that MitoPrime can restore glutathione to youthful levels.”

What’s more, an August 2021 study proved that MitoPrime activated and protected the skin’s complete antioxidant gene panel by up to a staggering 421%.

Are you beginning to see why molecular biologists call MitoPrime the biggest breakthrough in skin care in over 21 years. Incidentally, that was about the when retinol was introduced. And as we now know, retinol fell far short of expectations, and in some extreme cases, actually caused damaged skin.

But possibly the most exciting news in skin health may be MitoPrime’s unique ability to prevent and eliminate what skin researchers call “zombie cells” from your skin. Yes, this is real.

5) MitoPrime Prevents Your Skin Cells from Turning into “Zombie Cells”

The last few years have seen a major shift in research on aging in organ health, especially skin.  Today, the focus is on identifying and/or developing compounds known as Senolytics and Senostatics. Yes, these are new words representing a new aspect of biology. If you Google “Senostatic,” it tells you that it is an agent that prevents cells in your body from becoming damaged. The “Senolytic,” goes a step further and removes damaged cells making room for healthy cells. Here’s how it works.

Though not always obvious, research scientists often have a great sense of humor. For example, the name they gave to damaged cells that are either dead or dying is ‘Zombie Cells.’ The actual scientific term is “senescent cells.” These zombie cells take up space where healthy, fully-functioning cells should be, but are not. These non-functioning cells diminish the cell’s performance and functionality. They can create a host unwanted skin conditions.

The real problem is, during aging these zombie cells keep

accumulating in all organs including heart, brain, kidney, liver, lungs and skin. Eyes, too. That’s why pharmaceutical companies are devoting major funding to senostatics and senolytics. Here again, is another unique aspect of MitoPrime.

In a March 2022 study, MitoPrime was shown to be a highly effective senostatic, preventing skin cells from becoming Zombie Cells. Additional studies suggest that MitoPrime functions as a bona fide senolytic, removing Zombie Cells and replacing them with healthy skin cells. What we do know is that L-Ergothioneine (MitoPrime) increases the number of healthy, fully-functional skin cells by 45%. This is certainly good news for anyone wanting to create and maintain radiant, youthful looking (and biologically younger) skin.

6) MitoPrime and Collagen Generation

You may have noticed that the collagen market has been exploding lately. Many people take it like candy, expecting to instantly look like a teenager again.

But here a fact. You cannot gain collagen by eating collagen. Your see, collagen is a protein, like chicken, fish, or steak. When you ingest collagen, your body breaks it down into amino acids before it gets absorbed. Once in the bloodstream, your body cannot distinguish the amino acids from the collagen power you may have taken from the chicken dinner you just enjoyed.

But having said that, maintaining collagen levels in skin is not insignificant. So if collagen pills, powders, and peptides are not all that effective, what should you do?

Yes, MitoPrime helps again. As you’ll see, MitoPrime not only helps your body generate its own collagen through the natural pathways, but it also protects both new and existing collagen, the scientifically proven way.

Your “Collagen Makers”  and  “Collagen Breakers”

When you want to add collagen to your skin, you have to activate your body’s own “collagen makers,” the natural pro-collagen peptides (PCPs). Pro collagen peptides are “un-trimmed” collagen that are eventually converted to actual collagen. But starting at age 21, pro collagen formation starts to slow, and signs of collagen loss start to appear. The reality is, after the age of 21, women lose 1.0% to 1.5% of collagen each year and 6% post menopause.

But a recent skin study proved that L-Ergothioneine increases formation of the pro-collagen peptides and subsequently, increases new collagen formation.

But what about your body’s ability to prevent that newly formed collagen, along with the existing collagen, from breakdown. Is it possible?

The answer to that question is now “yes.” That’s because skin researchers have now identified a group of unwanted enzymes they call “collagen breakers”. In scientific jargon, matrix metalloproteases or MMPs for short. MMP’s literally “chew up” and liquidate skin collagen. As you can guess, MMP’s increase with age. That’s why the amount of MMP activity is inversely proportional to the amount of skin collagen you have. So, it was scientifically significant when skin molecular biologists discovered that L-Ergothioneine suppresses MMP expression at the very transcriptional level. Meaning at the very inception, when these destructive enzymes are first being formed.

That’s why Dr. Evans says… “We’re certain MitoPrime (L-Ergothioneine) gives you the dual effect of increasing collagen makers and eliminating collagen breakers.” The remarkable results of the MitoPrime clinical trial offer strong support.

6) A Final Word

Skincare is a big business. That’s why the industry’s largest companies spend a lot of money on research. Every single year. They’re always looking for the next “big thing.”

But in spite of all their efforts, we all know that genuine discoveries in skin care and aging happen about once in a generation. If that.

There’s bit of irony in all of all of this.

Rather than a big cosmetic company who made this L-Ergothioneine discovery then performed all of the necessary human trials, it was a not-so-large, highly innovative, and doggedly persistent biotech company headed by a CEO who possessed the will and the means to make it happen.

And it’s interesting to note that the discovery was made almost by accident. You see, NNB was actually looking at ways to delay and reverse aging in the heart, brain, kidney, liver and eyes.  After they proved success in these areas the project could well have been closed.

That’s when Dr. Evans asked for, and received funding for skin trials. As you know, he got it. And now you have what is being hailed as the biggest breakthrough in over 21 years. With human clinical trials to prove it.

You can find more details about MitoPrime below.

About MitoPrime

MitoPrime is 100% natural, 100% safe and is colorless, flavorless, and tasteless.


No animal parts

No animal testing

No sea organisms

Green standards

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100% Vegan



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Contains No:








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