Sweety Kumari has suffered severe head injury and has undergone brain surgery.

New Delhi:

A 21-year-old student in Greater Noida was run over by a white Santro car on December 31 — hours before a 20-year-old was dragged for 13 km under a car in nearby Delhi. Sweety Kumari was walking with her friends near Modern School in Greater Noida when a car hit them. While her two friends suffered minor injuries, Sweety is on life support.

She has suffered severe head injury and has undergone brain surgery. Doctors said she will need surgery on her legs also. Both her legs have multiple fractures.

Her treatment costs approximately Rs 2 lakh a day.

Sweety’s parents are farmers from Bihar and unable to afford the treatment. So far, they have spent Rs 8 lakh, of which more than half has come through donations, said her parents and friends.

Students at GNOIT College, where she is a final year B-Tech student, have started a donation campaign, and raised some money.

The police have formed three teams, but the driver, who was apparently drunk, is untraceable.

The stretch of the road didn’t have any CCTV cameras, due to which the car number is not with the police.

To donate money for Sweety’s treatment:

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