NOIDA: Covid-19 hospitals in Gautam Budh Nagar are considering the use of individual air-conditioning units or coolers in isolation wards, in the wake of rising temperatures. This would be the new SOP for Covid-19 hospitals to beat the heat this summer, officials say.
Central ACs are, however, not used in Covid-19 hospitals at present. “We have decided to install 20 window ACs in Covid-19 wards at the hospital in a week in place of switching on the central air-conditioning. The move is taken in the wake of extreme weather conditions these days that have left patients in great discomfort,” said Dr Ajit Kumar, joint registrar of Sharda Hospital Greater Noida.
While an order for 20 window ACs has already been placed, the hospital is also looking at placing split ACs in large wards. Sharda Hospital currently has 123 Covid-19 patients who are kept in six wards.
However, officials said, each Covid-19 ward at the hospital will maintain a temperature of 25-28 degrees, given the patients’ delicate condition. “Very soon patients will be relieved from this heat and humidity. Central AC is not allowed at the Covid-19 facility,” said Dr Kumar.
Another Covid-19 facility, the Child PGI hospital in Sector 30, is also considering installation of ACs in Covid-19 wards. Dr DK Gupta, director of Child PGI, told TOI that a meeting was held on June 8 with the architects, engineers and experts from Noida Authority to assess the need and safety for using ACs on patient floors.
“The committee will submit its report soon or suggest alternative measures. We will take a call on the use of ACs based on the committee’s recommendations. The heat is unbearable as even fans are not enough in this very weather in a closed building,” said Dr Gupta.

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