The Mumbai policeman was seen hitting a restaurant manager on CCTV


A restaurant manager in Mumbai is assaulted and abused by a policeman for refusing him free food after closing hours, in a video that has provoked anger and disgust on social media. Assistant Police Inspector Vikram Patil, who walked into the restaurant after midnight, is seen punching the employee repeatedly in security footage.

The incident took place last night at Swagat Dining Bar in Santacruz East. According to witnesses, Vikram Patil entered the restaurant from the kitchen and demanded food. He appeared to be drunk, the witnesses said.

The manager, Ganesh Patil, told Inspector Patil that the kitchen was closed – it was around 12.35 am – but that did not stop the policeman, who flew into a rage and started using expletives. Reaching across the counter, the policeman hit the manager repeatedly, refusing to listen to him.

Other restaurant employees dragged the cop away and held him back but he still managed to land a few more punches.

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