NEW DELHI: The glamourous fashion industry also has a dark side to it which sometimes brings a lot of disappointment and exploitation. 

Recently, Megan Mesveskas, 24, a model by profession took to her TikTok account and shared an e-mail which she received from a renowned photographer William Lords. 


Megan, who is also the founder of the agency Model Nexus, which specialises in body diversity raised her voice and slammed the photographer for charging $100 more than the ‘standard’ pricing from the plus-size models. 

The incident took place when Megan asked the photographer’s studio manager about the rates for the shoot, to which he responded with two separate pricing for photoshoots. 

The price to shoot a “standard” model was $950, but the price for photographing a “plus-sized/curve” model was $1050.

This has irked netizens on social media. Internet users are bashing the photographer for this discrimination. The video has now gone viral as well. 

After receiving outrage for his pricing, Lords told Newsweek. “The reason I charge $100 more for curvy models is because of the “time and cost involved in obtaining ‘creative and high end’ clothing for the models” that is on par with clothing offered to “straight-sized” models.” 

He also went on to say, “$100 is absolutely nothing compared to what I do for these girls.”

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