Punjab Man With PhD, 4 Master

Dr. Sandeep Singh was a professor in Punjabi University’s law department for 11 years.

With four Master’s degrees and a PhD to his name, a man in Punjab is selling vegetables to make ends meet. Dr. Sandeep Singh, 39, was a contractual professor at Punjabi University in Patiala. However, unfortunate circumstances led him to leave the job and take up selling vegetables to earn money.

Dr. Sandeep Singh was a contractual professor in Punjabi University’s law department for 11 years. He has done his PhD in law and has four Master’s degrees in subjects including Punjabi, journalism and political science and is still pursuing studies. He left his job after facing hurdles such as salary cut and irregular pay. “I had to leave the job because I didn’t use to get my salary on time and there was frequent pay cut. It had become difficult for me to make ends meet with that job. That’s why I switched to selling vegetables for the survival of me and my family.”

With his vegetable cart and a board saying “PhD Sabzi Wala”, Dr. Sandeep Singh goes home to home every day to sell vegetables. He says he earns more money by selling vegetables than he did as a professor. After a full day of work, he goes back home and studies for his exam.

Even though he has taken a break from teaching, Dr. Sandeep Singh has not given up his passion. He aspires to save money and open his own tuition centre one day.

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