R.I.M Forms Strategic Partnerships with Multiple Top Investment & Asset Management companies

R.I.M Forms Strategic Partnerships with Multiple Top Investment & Asset Management companies


On April 22th, Jatin.Sharma participated in an investment exchange, which was attended by Deputy Chief Operating Officer —Mr. Denys de Campigneulles from SBI Mutual Fund, Indian economist —Mr. Filippo Gori from J.P. Morgan, Co Head Equities —Mr. Rohit Singhania from DSP Mutual Fund, and senior securities analyst from Fidelity Investments.

During the event, Jatin.Sharma proudly introduced the recent developments of R.I.M, highlighting that the first phase of R.I.M Bull Stock Business School achieved a return of 650%, while the second phase achieved a return of 831%. Mr. Denys de Campigneulles acknowledged the remarkable achievements of R.I.M Bull Stock Business School, exchanged experiences, and subsequently signed an investment project worth 30 billion rupees. It was a successful investment exchange, and following the event, R.I.M also signed strategic cooperation agreements with multiple Top Investment & Asset Management companies.


Introduction to Jatin Sharma

Jatin Sharma, born in 1982, developed a keen interest in studying finance and international economic trends during his college years. In the year prior to his graduation, he dedicated himself to researching the stock market and invested 1 million rupees to start trading stocks. Initially, it was challenging, with profits and losses alternating. However, through continuous summation and his keen market judgment, he had accumulated 7 million rupees by the time he completed his postgraduate degree.

Jatin Sharma holds a Ph.D. degree and studied economics at the Imperial College Business School in 2003.

In 2008, Jatin Sharma obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Computer Science from the Indian School of Business, ranking first among 580 students.

Jatin Sharma serves as the Chief India Economist at Rathbone Investment Management and is also a member of the Advisory Council for the 16th Finance Commission established by the Indian government. He has repeatedly been recognized as one of the “best in Indian Research” by Asset Magazine.

Jatin Sharma is the Asia Executive Director and Chief India Economist of R.I.M. He has won the R.I.M Annual Value Creation Outstanding Achievement Award multiple times.

Known for his expertise in managing large funds, Jatin Sharma’s trading style is characterized by its boldness and momentum. He frequently collaborates with securities companies and large investment institutions, focusing on trading strong stocks with concentrated funds and subsequently exiting the market in batches. His trading style has received unanimous praise from industry insiders.


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