In the lead-up to the World Cup semifinal clash between India and New Zealand, the spotlight is not only on the fierce competition but also on the potential significance for India’s captain, Rohit Sharma. Dinesh Lad, the childhood coach of the Hitman, has shared his heartfelt thoughts on the matter, suggesting that this 50-over tournament might indeed be Rohit’s last on the grand stage.

Rohit’s Final World Cup?

In an exclusive interview with ANI, Dinesh Lad provided insights into Rohit Sharma’s future in World Cup cricket. Lad acknowledged the age factor, noting that at 36, Rohit may be contemplating the possibility of this being his farewell to World Cup glory. “Chances really look as if this could be his last World Cup,” Lad stated. Despite the absence of any official retirement announcement, Lad emphasized Rohit’s burning desire to secure a World Cup victory for India, especially after missing out in 2011.

Lad’s Positive Outlook for India’s Victory

Dinesh Lad, visibly thrilled by India’s flawless performance in the ongoing ICC World Cup 2023, expressed confidence in the team’s chances against New Zealand in the semifinal. He applauded the batsmen, particularly Rohit and Gill, for consistently providing a solid foundation for the team. “The way India is performing right now, if we continue playing like this, we have a good chance,” Lad affirmed.

Rohit Sharma’s Remarkable Form

Lad heaped praise on Rohit Sharma’s stellar form in the tournament, underscoring the captain’s dominance with the bat. With 503 runs in nine innings and a striking rate of 121.50, Rohit has been a formidable force. Lad expressed his earnest desire to witness Rohit lift the coveted trophy, highlighting the captain’s positive and team-centric approach.

India’s Commanding Presence in the World Cup

India’s unbeaten run in the group stage of the 2023 World Cup has set the stage for a riveting semifinal against New Zealand at Mumbai’s iconic Wankhede Stadium. Lad commended the entire team, emphasizing the exceptional performances of both batsmen and bowlers that have contributed to India’s flawless record.

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